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Discussion in 'Tools' started by tofuman, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Vashzaron

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    I know this is old as hell but the palette manager is quite useful, I was wondering if the "number" input for changing
    palette is possible to be changed?

    I've built a thing for Antimicro that lets me swap in and out of different palettes on my trigger buttons on controller, automatically going back to 1 on release, but the only problem is the numbers 1-4 are considered for using the hotkeys in game as well. I can get around this by adding a split second of ctrl (to swap to an empty back palette) then input+1/2/3/4 but this leaves a split second window for me to accidentally use a Photon Blast utilizing the main palette, (I thought this is fine, no way would I hit that but happened twice in one day) which was one reason why I wanted to do it this way rather than using the back palette which annoyingly gets deleted if PB is full. I could also not use 1-4 hotkeys but seems like a waste.

    So yeah a way to tweak what should be pressed for 1-4 like the scroll lock change would be great.
  2. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    I've updated the Palette Manager so that you can configure the numerical keys also via the config file.

    PSOBB Palette Manager v1.0.2 DOWNLOAD
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  3. Wil

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    Saw you online, figured you were about to drop something :) <3
  4. Vashzaron

    Vashzaron Member

    Thanks again mate
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  6. Wilhuf

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    The link for the PRC tool is broken.
  7. The Gargoyle

    The Gargoyle Member

    So, I'm feeling like a prize idiot trying to use the Palette Manager, probably because it's not actually meant to do what I'm trying to accomplish.

    Is this tool intended, in any way, to add additional layers to the main 3 face buttons as the Right Trigger/Ctrl Key does? My end goal is to move as many actions as possible to the controller.
  8. Soly

    Soly Member

    It only swaps palettes
  9. MikeOnPSO

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    East Coast, USA
    This tool doesn’t change the main 3 buttons in any way, but it does change the 1-0 buttons when you hold Ctrl which lets you have two separate 1-0 pallets at once. This will give you plenty of space to map shortcuts for all techs (really useful for FO), as for mapping them to the pad you would need to use something like antimicro (link: which will let you map the 1-0 buttons to empty buttons on your joypad. With the combination of antimicro and this pallet app, you can have everything right there on your pad, you can map them to buttons and (at least on the pad I have, which is a Logitech F710) even map them to the sticks as well (ie: you can set it up so where you push up on the left analog stick and it will cast foie, etc). You can even map shortcut keys to the pad as well, really useful for stuff like /lobby and /bank.

    One thing to be aware of though with the pallet program is that if you have 100PB, your second/ctrl set of 1-0 buttons will be unavailable which can be kind of annoying if you have anything important there (resta, shifta, etc) but just map it accordingly and it’s not much of an issue. Also if you run PSO as administrator you’ll need to also run antimicro as administrator too or it won’t work. That should be about all you need to get going, if you run into trouble or need any help with anything just let me know. Good luck!
  10. The Gargoyle

    The Gargoyle Member

    Interesting. I'll fiddle around with this and see what I can make happen. Cheers, sir.
  11. Jonathan P

    Jonathan P Member


    Hey there, have you figured this out? I just installed Pallet Manager and it works awesome, but it seems I have to leave 1 and 2 empty. Otherwise, when I use the trigger to switch pallets (I use Pallets 1 and 2) it will also cast/use item if I have something in slots 1 and 2. I use Antimacro and have mapped to the left trigger SCROLL LOCK + 1 and to the right trigger SCROLL LOCK + 2.



    cheers, thanks!
  12. brionac

    brionac Alolan Fox

    I have my take on how I swap palettes over here. In short, I edit the pm.ini file in the palette manager folder. The file is attached at the bottom of this post, and the image with the modified pm.ini file is shown in a few spoilers deep. It does depend also on how I set up my controller via Antimicro, so you can see how I do it while changing a few buttons for your convenience.
  13. Fire AKA Drazn

    Fire AKA Drazn Loves Games

    Been trying to change the pallet managers hotkeys using the guide by brionac above.

    However despite changing the key1, key2 etc to the function keys (or anything else) it remains the 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys.

    My config:

    yet the pallet manager remains:

    What am i doing wrong here?
  14. brionac

    brionac Alolan Fox

    Mine does say [shift left + f1] instead of [shift left + 1]; it shouldn't be an issue if you're shortcut key assignments are being enforced via the pm.ini file being stored in the same place you found it. Are you sure that it's saved correctly?

    Edit: I might as well show people what my picture of the file looks like since it's buried in my other post.

    Palette Manager Index.JPG
  15. The1stOne

    The1stOne Member

    I am also trying to grab this, but the link is dead/missing/wrong.
  16. The1stOne

    The1stOne Member

    Not sure if tofuman is online very often, so if anyone else has the PRCTool available, maybe they can upload/link to it?
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  17. Soly

    Soly Member

    As he points out, PRC is used for PSOX text files, and I made a tool to work on those files but the PRC code is embedded on it.
    If you want, I can extract that code into it's own tool so you can use it... (and it'll be good to have it around anyway)

    Feel free to send me a message on discord (Soly#0637)
  18. The1stOne

    The1stOne Member

    What is your tool called? I think I have your "Stash" somewhere... :)

    Is there any benefit from the/a standalone program (besides ease of use perhaps)?

    I am also sure someone must have this PRCTool... or that tofuman will come online eventually. :p
  19. Soly

    Soly Member

    We talked on discord, but for anyone wondering... as I said, the code is embedded into the other programs, it won't just decrypt/encrypt the files, it will also try to process them as that specific tool.

    But now I have put the PRC utility in my stash topic.
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