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  1. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    I'll be placing the tools that I've made over the years here. Guides on how to use them will follow.

    PRC Tool v1.0 DOWNLOAD
    Utility used for compressing and decompressing PRC (PR2) files. PRC's are used in PSOBB for the lobby image placement file. PR2's are also used in PSOX for the text files.

    PSOBB Player Level Table Editor v1.0 DOWNLOAD
    This tool will allow you to edit the initial attributes set on classes also the attributes on level up. It will also enable you to add additional levels to the PlyLevelTbl.bin file. This version doesn't edit the client or generate the table data required for the Ship so you'll currently need to do this manually. I plan on adding the ability for updating the client EXE to take the new levels and also provide you with a tnlxp table for the ship in the next version.

    PSOBB Item Mag Editor v1.0 DOWNLOAD
    This tool will enable you to edit the positions, movements, colours and other aspects of mags. You can also add additional colours for mags (this requires client exe changes). This version doesn't edit the client so when adding new colours the client changes will need to be done manually. I plan on adding the ability for updating the client EXE to support additional mag colours in the next version.

    PSOBB Palette Manager v1.0.2 DOWNLOAD
    PSOBB Palette Manager v1.0 DOWNLOAD (OLD)

    Palette Manager allows you to configure multiple palettes and push the layouts into PSO with a press of a button. Ideal for players that want to switch between support and offense quickly.

    • Features:
    • Retrieve current palette from game
    • Push palette to game
    • Utilize all 26 spaces of the palette
    • Store upto 4 palette layouts in 1 palette file
    • Hotkey and numerical key now configurable from pm.ini

    By default the hotkeys are Scroll lock+1,2,3,4. You can change the hotkey by editing the pm.ini file. Also if you wish a palette file to load on opening Palette Manager save the palette file as "default.prp" in the same folder as Palette Manager.

    BML Extractor v1.0 DOWNLOAD
    An unfinished tool I made for extracting BML's. Extracts BML's but the ability to add to the BML was never added.

    Battle Param Editor v1.0 DOWNLOAD
    Utility for editing the battle param files.

    More tools will come.
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  2. Rollerblade96

    Rollerblade96 Member

    Hi there,

    I have been working on breaking the level cap for a couple of years now. As you can probably guess I do not have any experience with debugging or finding offsets by myself. I was recently able to get the server to add fake levels when I typed the command "/setlevel X" (also changed some lines in the server to allow for levels past 200). However these levels were never added in game (only once I re-logged in).

    I understand that one of your tools allows for the addition of levels in the PlyLevelTbl.bin file. I added a single level to this file (for all classes) and have already modified the tnlxp table for the level. I used Lee's Pso Patcher tool to find the offsets in the client which modify the maximum stats for all classes. The only thing I can't do is manually edit the client to accept this new level. I am using Tethver 1.25.10.

    I read that there will be a guide on how to use the Player Level Table Editor. Will this guide cover how to manually edit the client to accept new levels or will I have to wait until the next release of the Player Level Table Editor?

    Thanks for your consideration.
  3. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    I'll update my editor so that it updates the client EXE for you. However I'm not sure of the offsets for the older client. They wouldn't be hard to find. Although I'll probably only make my util support the latest client.
  4. Rollerblade96

    Rollerblade96 Member

    Thank you very much!
    I will switch over to the latest client so that I can use your editor.
  5. Broomop

    Broomop Member

    to do it properly i think you need to add new levels to the exp table (not 100% sure) other servers just do prestige instead..
  6. Dreamb0y

    Dreamb0y Member

    Hi! Can someone make a little tutorial about how to use the PSOBB Item Mag Editor? Starting by what file do i have to open?
    I am trying to use that tool but i need some help... i am noobie in this.
    Btw, Thank you! :).
  7. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    Unpack ItemMagEdit.prs (located in the login folder) using PRSU (from schthack) or PRS Util. Then open the unpacked file with the mag editor. Once you've made your changes save the file and pack into PRS using PRSU/PRS Util then place in the login folder then restart the login.
  8. Astaroth_psobb

    Astaroth_psobb Member

    encounter problems to make the levels, are possible, eg. I made an edit to hucast level test 210 in the game but could not finish editing.
    there's something I can do about this?
    I use the lee patch? for I am not having results.
    I know it works but do not know how to do properly.
  9. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    I've added my old Palette manager to the list. Quite useful for switching palette configuration quickly so ideal for cmode.
  10. K_I_R_E_E_K

    K_I_R_E_E_K Member

    You also created the credits editor for v2.
  11. NDW

    NDW 03:US/Fodra:02-11

    Youngstown, OH
    Guildcard 2:
    I love you so much for this. :mrgreen:
  12. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    If you press the ctrl key you can configure completely different items to the 1-0 and then push it to the game. If you then customize your palette in game by only editing one of the left middle right buttons and then exit out the 1-0 will save to your character effectively giving you 20 assigned items to the palette. Although if you edit the 1-0 in game it will overwrite the changes.
  13. Sodisna

    Sodisna Member

    Getting an error with the Player Level editor. Keeps saying it cannot load the file. It worked the first time, but after that, it won't open.

    Open failed
    Error: Could not read file from disk.
    Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.

    Happens when I try to save the file.
  14. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    Yes the player level table that comes with teth actually contains some data at the end which isn't part of the file which causes a problem. You can hex edit the file to remove this data. Or I can post a fixed file later.
  15. Sodisna

    Sodisna Member

    Oh which block do I delete?
  16. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    Actually you'll find a working file in the login folder. The file in the ship folder for some reason contains 85 extra bytes. (the ship only processes the first 28800 bytes of the file).
  17. Soly

    Soly Member

    Might as well just have more palettes in the program and allow you to have w/e keys you want.

    Other ideas could be:
    Make the program cycle over the palettes.
    Show the palettes in some sort of transparent window and navigate over a set of palettes.
  18. Soly

    Soly Member

    1. Yeah, is 2 changes, but pretty sure is not as hard as you think it is.
    2. I agree here, would be a lot of work and not really worth it (the palette cycle sounds better), but hey, was just an idea.
  19. tofuman

    tofuman Administrator Staff Member

    Adding more customization to the hotkey is easy enough. so is adding more slots.

    I initially was going to have it hook the directx of the game so it would appear as a part of the game. but as I have no experience with hooking I just went with what I know.

    When I get a spare moment I'll add the hotkey and additional slots.
  20. makaveli

    makaveli Achiever

    The dropbox link no longer works when i try to download the palette manager. It says the uploader is getting too much traffic or something xD lol

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