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I spent too much time looking for this, but I was mag feeding and reading random stuff anyways.

By the way, here's some stats on the techniques themselves by PSO-World since the Ephinea Wiki has that too.

Also, you can use this guide to check which weakness you can exploit on monsters from PSO-World.

This is what I wanted to find initially: Ephinea Forums Tech Boosts

If you were wondering why you can't equip a weapon requiring so much MST that you think you have; you don't have it because you forgot to un-equip that weapon that is adding more MST that makes it look like you have enough MST to equip the next weapon requiring more MST than the weapon that you do have equipped. Please remove your weapon and check your actual MST to know how much more MST is required to actually equip the next weapon with a little more MST required.

2020 EDIT: Use this as a guide for which Anti Level works for specific conditions. None of them have the same answers, but I decided to include them all. The dark chart is from PSO-World. The other one is from the GC manual for PSO Episode 1 & 2. The top one is from the PSOBB manual.

Here are some related links.

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I was searching for that easy reference as "technique boosts" instead of "tech boosts" with no other search parameters. That was embarrassing. Also, there are no tags attached to this easy reference article.

Oh, and don't trust PSO-World on Tyrell's Parasol now that I see that Anti is not boosted in the first place. What else was off?
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