1. Itchitaka

    Understanding Virus Armor: Lafuteria

    Pardon my ignorance, but I'm having a little trouble understanding the following off of the wiki page for Virus Armor: Lafuteria: "In order to receive a max-stat Lafuteria, the base Stink Frame must have at least 90 DFP (+50/+85) and 35 EVP (+20/+85)." What I'm not understanding are the...
  2. Spuz

    A> Max Stat Barrier & Frame Bundle (Non-Rare)

    -It isn't all of them but most, missing a few. -Auctioning them all together. -Good for new characters/lowbies, some of them have great resists for falz etc -Good for collectors. -All slots are 4s also. Reserve is 5pds 48hrs from 1st bid, 24hrs from any other bids. CHB: @DccD Friday 22:20...
  3. brionac

    Technique Boosts Reference

    I spent too much time looking for this, but I was mag feeding and reading random stuff anyways. By the way, here's some stats on the techniques themselves by PSO-World since the Ephinea Wiki has that too. Also, you can use this guide to check which weakness you can exploit on monsters from...
  4. Fire AKA Drazn

    PSOBB Client Addresses for Invincibility Frames and Set Damage Boss Attacks

    See title, would like to know where these settings are inside the client.exe, and if they can even be changed.