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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FLARE, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Hello there, my name is FLARE but some from the old, old days may know me as Volos instead

    I have been playing for some time now on Ephinea and I decided to get back into skinning again. I was pleased to see that it still works just fine on this server, I'm not having much trouble so far

    Whereas I used to be a little full of myself (sorry) and very 'out there' with my skinning, this time I was to design things which look like they 'should just fit' into the game as standard (same resolution, DXT subformats and alpha-layers as original texture maps)

    I have started by creating a blue Shambertin

    Why? Because I am sick of seeing Shambertin come out of the statue, and thinking (briefly, for a few seconds) that he is Kondi - because they are basically both green. I think, SEGA gave Shammy blue crystals and missiles - why not just finish the job (like they did with Saint and Kond)?

    So here is my creation:


    If you wish, you can download him here.

    Installation is simple. Place "bm_ene_boss09.bml" within your \EphineaPSO\data folder (so, the "data" folder inside the game's root install folder)

    It will prompt you to overwrite a file. I strongly suggest you back up the original file first, in-case you have any problems when using this mod

    It is a little present, from me to everyone - upon my return

    If you are in the Monolith guild, I will probably see you around (or on Discord)

    Thank you
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    Glad to see old ones still returning. If I remember right, I've enjoyed several of your skins in the past.
    This time around, I've only installed a particle mod, no skins... Yet!
    After doing research on the available options for PSOBB, I feel most at home here. I wouldn't be surprised if you will too, along with anyone who wants a mostly vanilla PSOBB. (And anyone who was around before things went to Hell.)
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    Welcome to Ephinea, that blue skin looks great!
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