1. Noi_


    From doro he doro
  2. Noi


    From doro he doro
  3. N

    Animated or moving textures?

    Hi, i wanted to know if its possible to make animated or moving textures in maps, for example, i wanted to make the water in seabed to move.
  4. FLARE

    Skinner Returning to PSOBB

    Hello there, my name is FLARE but some from the old, old days may know me as Volos instead I have been playing for some time now on Ephinea and I decided to get back into skinning again. I was pleased to see that it still works just fine on this server, I'm not having much trouble so far...
  5. Spuz

    Trap Skinning. (Request/Advise)

    Is it possible to skin how a trap looks? If so are Damage and Freeze Traps the same or possible to skin separately? Bunnu made a suggestion a few years back where a FT could get a blue line instead of a red one to identify them between one another. This would be pretty dank if possible and...
  6. Jyuki

    Monolith HUD 1.0

    Description: I started this HUD as a personal project and planned to use it for myself but since I got more and more asked about the files, I'll share it here for everyone. As I am a beginner in PSO's modding/texturing, expect some rough details here and there but, I'm happy with the outcome...
  7. xSHIVAx

    Guide for Creating and using own Models in game

    not available anymore