1. Googolbonker

    Red Ring, Rappy Mag, and Hamburger Mag Skins!

    Hello! Here are Skins I made for Red Rings, Rappy Mags, Hamburger Mags! Red Ring Skins: Currently-available Rings and Skins through Paints (old Skin on top vs new Skin on bottom): Red, Black, Blue, Chartreuse, Cyan, Green, Onyx Orange, Purple, Rose, Ultramarine, Violet, White, Yellow Ring...
  2. Lantana

    Lantana's Skins

    Hey everyone, I decided I would just make one thread going forward for skins I create! (Last Updated: 11/23/2023) For the most part all the skins can be found on my GitHub. Instructions to install the skins can be found in the README files with the downloads! Let me know if there are any skins...
  3. Lantana

    Updated Laser Fences (Dark colors)

    Hey everyone! I often found myself getting headaches from the bright ass flickering lasers on PSO. These skins do not entirely reduce the flickering, but they make the fences darker making them a lot easier on the eyes! Big thanks to @Cashmira and @clownbaby for helping me out with creating...
  4. new


  5. ac df.png

    ac df.png

  6. ramarl ac.png

    ramarl ac.png

  7. humar ac.png

    humar ac.png

  8. hucast ac.png

    hucast ac.png

  9. ac m&a60.png

    ac m&a60.png

  10. ac lavis.png

    ac lavis.png

  11. ac l&k38.png

    ac l&k38.png

  12. ac hs.png

    ac hs.png

  13. ac excal.png

    ac excal.png

  14. ac dob.png

    ac dob.png

  15. Neuron wip III.png

    Neuron wip III.png

    Some more Neuron weapons
  16. ac legion psobb.png

    ac legion psobb.png

    WIP 2021
  17. Noi_


    From doro he doro
  18. Noi


    From doro he doro
  19. N

    Animated or moving textures?

    Hi, i wanted to know if its possible to make animated or moving textures in maps, for example, i wanted to make the water in seabed to move.
  20. FLARE

    Skinner Returning to PSOBB

    Hello there, my name is FLARE but some from the old, old days may know me as Volos instead I have been playing for some time now on Ephinea and I decided to get back into skinning again. I was pleased to see that it still works just fine on this server, I'm not having much trouble so far...