1. Lantana

    Lantana's Skins

    Hey everyone, I decided I would just make one thread going forward for skins I create! (Last Updated: 11/23/2023) For the most part all the skins can be found on my GitHub. Instructions to install the skins can be found in the README files with the downloads! Let me know if there are any skins...
  2. alaco

    PDA> Heart of Suppressed Gun (SOLD:50)

    Ramarl pull out da gat bang bang RES:50 Countdown: 48 hours Reset: 24 hours Accepting pds only
  3. Firkraag

    A> Dark Flow [100/100/0/0|75] + [0/0/100/100|85] [Sold]

    Sold! for 3385 pd Reserve: 1 pd Countdown: 72 Hours Reset: 48 Hours Min Bid Increment: +3% Wants: Any item that's easy to auction @ 85% market value. The Vjaya's were one thing, but they were bought while these Caliburs were found by me, the very rare occurrences of my good RNG. They are...
  4. fixed it

    fixed it

  5. fixed2


  6. kromlech

    Need assistance with base class -> NPC model/texture swapping.

    Hello all, sorry in advance for the huge post, I’m trying to “make” a RaNewearl for my private server. I want to achieve this by replacing one of the NPCs, selectable with the /NPC# command, into a single texture/model of a HUnewearl. I do not want to mess with any of the 12 classes' model...
  7. FLARE

    Skinner Returning to PSOBB

    Hello there, my name is FLARE but some from the old, old days may know me as Volos instead I have been playing for some time now on Ephinea and I decided to get back into skinning again. I was pleased to see that it still works just fine on this server, I'm not having much trouble so far...
  8. Changed that blue and yellow LEGO Frozen Shooter to red.  Nice.

    Changed that blue and yellow LEGO Frozen Shooter to red. Nice.

    Too bad that one photon color on it I don't know how to modify. Probably particle file or something. Above my skill level (currently 1/100 lol)
  9. New Skin2

    New Skin2

    the back.
  10. New Skin

    New Skin

    made a skin again. lol
  11. Dark Glass HUD

    Dark Glass HUD

  12. xSHIVAx

    Guide for Creating and using own Models in game

    not available anymore