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So I own this, it's from the Easter 2016 Gamble won by @NGEfreak
It is the only TK on the server to have hit. One of a kind item.
Sphered in Dark for Ill Gills.

I have been considering putting it up for auction and I am just trying to gauge if there is any interest in such an item before doing so.

I was personally looking at 2-5k, anyone else have any thoughts?
It'd likely be pure collectors item for swag value. Considering a 30h Jizai (20-25pd) is stronger than it. Neither can hit Ill Gill unfrozen without 1x-2x POSS (20-25pd x2) assistance consistently.

Multi Mode Unfrozen Ill Gill:

30h Jizai 100%d x1 POSS NHH -> CK 89 frames
25h 2Kamui 100%d x2 POSS NHH ->Needs Dparts1.01 to CK (or zalure special atk) 90 frames (130 if no CK)

Multi Mode Frozen Ill Gill:

30h Jizai 100% -> NHH CK 89 frames
25h 2Kamui + Dparts -> NHH or w/o Dparts can CK H(60% chance) H H or Zalure spec then NHH.
NHH 90 frames HHH 96 frames S 40frame -> NHH 90 frame

You're the only one with the item, so you set the price. If you want 2k, put 2k res. I don't think it'd be reasonable to get what you're estimating compared to the dominate Jizai Ill Gill Killer. It's a cool item and if you do, better for you! :cool:

If you or others want to do the numbers, here the website I used.

Added some frame date.
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I am aware that Jizai has more 200 more ATP and 5 more ATA (being the main Ill Gill killer).
But TK is by far usable for this situation (among many others) so I wouldn't say it's just a collector's item, it is something that can be used in gameplay (instead of just stored in the bank).
Being the only one on the server it's value is definitely way more than any Jizai.

I appreciate the reply/opinion, thank you!