price check

  1. Spuz

    PC> Two Kamui 0/0/0/100/25

    So I own this, it's from the Easter 2016 Gamble won by @NGEfreak It is the only TK on the server to have hit. One of a kind item. Sphered in Dark for Ill Gills. I have been considering putting it up for auction and I am just trying to gauge if there is any interest in such an item before doing...
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    PC> Many Weapons

    Planning to do an auction of the gear on the characters I don't enjoy playing, in order to further the characters I do like playing. - Frozen Shooter (25/15/0/0|30) - Spread Needle (0/25/0/0|25) - Rage De Feu (Blizzard) (35/0/0/0|45) - Cannon Rouge (0/20/20/35) - Spirit Laser...
  3. EvilUpholsterer

    PC> Lavis Cannon (0'd)

    Dream Lavis Blades, am I right HUcast enthusiasts?
  4. EvilUpholsterer

    PC> Jizai (0/0/20/30/20)

    Recently made this weapon with plans to get a better one eventually. Just wondering how much this would be worth IF I decide to sell or auction it. Thank you!
  5. majinToorah

    PC> Guilty Light 20/0/0/0/40

    Looking for a PC or ball park, thanks in advance
  6. Tsume

    Pc>40 hit zanba

    Unsure of other stats. Someone asked what I'd be willing to pay. I offered 50 but I'd like to have a second opinion on it or if it's a possible auction item. Thanks!
  7. Chadstar

    PC> Psycho Wand

    Out of curiosity, how much do psycho wands go for these days?
  8. CoppeliaRose

    PC> Untekked Tyrells parasol 5h and other items

    I'd like a PC on the following items :) Tyrell's Parasol [Charge] [20/0/0/0|5] Calibur [Gush] [0/0/0/35|25] Calibur +2 [King's] [0/0/0/35|50] Stag Cutlery [Havoc] [0/0/0/15|30]
  9. Spuz

    Hardcore Price Guide.

    Updated 03/11/2019 Please Read Before Posting: This list is for the Hardcore Economy and is by no means based off or around items in regular-mode. Use this thread as prices will vary between modes. This list is by no means perfect, but I have given as much detail/specification on everything as...
  10. Manaphy

    PC>> Heart Of Chao

    I could have bumped the 5 month old price check, but ah well, it didn't exactly have an answer anyways. So, how much is it? Kinda curious.
  11. ★AGGREBEE★

    PC > All Things Heaven Striker Related

    Heaven Striker w/ and w/o hit Striker Plus Heaven Striker Coat Striker Unit (something like 5/150/45/0 with Mylla & Youlla, Estilla and Pilla) Thanks in advance. :3
  12. ★AGGREBEE★

    PC > DF Field (w/ good def)

    How much do these things go for min stat, and how much do they go for with high def (think 40-50 range, close to if not maxed)? I hit the level requirement for them and I've been thinking about getting one, and want to know if I could afford it.