two kamui

  1. Spuz

    PC> Two Kamui 0/0/0/100/25

    So I own this, it's from the Easter 2016 Gamble won by @NGEfreak It is the only TK on the server to have hit. One of a kind item. Sphered in Dark for Ill Gills. I have been considering putting it up for auction and I am just trying to gauge if there is any interest in such an item before doing...
  2. EvilUpholsterer

    B> Book of Katana 1 - 3

    Looking to buy Book of Katana 1, 2 and 3 in order to make 'Two Kamui'. Not sure exactly how much they're worth, but name your price. If its reasonable and I can afford it, I'd be happy to buy. Thank you!
  3. Pso131127702672869621