Optional Ability to Disable Leveling Up


I like the idea of an EXP toggle rather than a new mode or "perma" level 1 feature. Seems like it could be easy to implement, although I know nothing about the game's code so maybe not.

This is like the idea of "twinking" in other games, where you try to find the best possible low level gear. It makes a lot of the lower tier gear more relevant and adds new challenges.

Could even open the door for challenges similar to Time Attack where players are required to be level X or below and then have to complete X quest or area without dying, or as fast as possible, etc.

Yeah, something to the effect of like...

You cap out at the base level of each difficulty (1, 20, 40) and can only equip items from that difficulty. Twink to the best of your abilities and see how far you can get in a normal run of all the episodes without quests.


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This was suggested before, but gave different primary reasons and didn't generate any discussion.


And that would be a lot more interesting for someone like me. Now and then some people want to play the game and not get carried. While I don't necessarily mind sitting around and chatting as a level 200 buff-slave getting block-locked by boomas, sometimes, people just want to play lower difficulties without mowing everything over, and it's not very practical to level a new character to VH over and over, even if it can only take a couple of hours.

I'm weird though and actually have fun below Ultimate. Need a use for my 65H Diska of Liberator and all this other "trash" I keep. You are very likely to outgrow lesser rares before you can even farm good ones on those difficulties.