1. Abashiri

    Challenge Mode disconnect error.

    When playing challenge mode, I constantly get this error and get disconnected from the party and sent to the counter room. There I can't get back into the stages. It happens almost every time I play. The error won't stop happening, and this doesn't happen to other people as I have witnessed. By...
  2. DRM.EXE

    Quest/Challenge - Everyone's Barbecue (Prize: 5PD)

    Reading Direction: Left to Right I also recommend the Ephinea Cooking Thread on Off-Topic if you like this idea of creative food for PSO, this voting/liking system isn't that good, but for testing purposes it would be just fun. WARNING/RULE: If you put a food or drink in real life that has...
  3. Spuz

    Challenge Mode Time Attack Interest?!

    Yo, if you are interested in Challenge Mode and specifically Time Attacking then this is for you! Basically, there is a lack of players in the cmode community and even less so who are TA'ers. Getting 4 player games can be tough most of the time. Trying to do all the stages 4p and a few 2p and...
  4. redria7

    The BOX Challenge Series

    Introducing the BOX Challenge Series! This is a set of different challenges that aim to push your boundaries at low levels and make Normal difficulty the most fun setting. So what actually is this? To put it simply - clear episode 1 in single player from start to finish following different item...
  5. Spuz

    ES Weapons/ S-rank Info & what you should make.

    All info can be found on the Wiki including all the weapons stats & info. Made this guide so people can get an idea of what ES weapons/S-ranks to make; but please remember it is all objective and you can do as you wish; it is not a rule of thumb. If anyone has any opinions, please share...
  6. Spuz

    2c4 EXP broken.

    Was playing this stage with Paganini + Pdxdash, and about 17minutes into the stage we realized we were getting no EXP from the enemies. (The purple text appears but the characters didn't gain any). We tried this with different hosts and remade to test the game was not bugged alone. Tried other...
  7. Aubright

    Optional Ability to Disable Leveling Up

    So I was leveling a fresh new character and I remembered how Kingdom Hearts had that EXP Zero skill that disabled leveling up. Then I thought, "What if you could do a level 1 challenge in this game too?" So now here I am. The idea is that if you start a brand new character you can use a command...
  8. Spuz

    Challenge times not saving.

    Completed 2c5 at 12'01 and after meeting up again a few days later all four of us noticed the time was no longer on our lists. We were all on Lumires at the time on 11/28/17. Time List of times without the 12'01
  9. Spuz

    Blocking bug.

    So, a few times recently I was blocked from players I didn't know. And yes ofc they might not just like me whatever, idc. But last week sometime (forgot to post) I was cmoding with @Bagarozy and a group. And when we got to 2c4, John who I was just talking too in the Lobby had me 'blocked' from...
  10. Spuz

    Pre-Unlocking cmode stages.

    So anyone can play any stage anytime. I feel with such a small community all it does is act as a hindrance for those who don't have time to do full sets. Unlocking would give anyone the ability to play any stage in any order (thus getting teams easier, when not doing full runs) but would still...