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This thread is basically a placeholder just to keep all my guides in one place.

Basic Mag Information: - (Updated: 01/02/2021)
Originally made for me and used in a notepad but as I gathered more and more I decided to make a thread. You'll find all the basic info you need to feed and start any mag in here and always feel free to ask me any mag questions.

Gets updated: Every Event (Mostly the ''where to find my cells section'')

Mag Feed Plans: - ([Updated: N/A)
This thread is dedicated to different feed plans to make making mags easier. In the coming future I plan to add many more plans.

ES weapon Guide & what to make: - (Updated: 01/02/2021)
This is essentially the basic information on ES weapons and has information on what each class should be making for gameplay.

Hunter's Bost Road Info: - (Updated: 13/03/2021)
This thread includes all the Ranking systems of current and old while also listing a bunch of information on Hunter's Boost Road including the complete history of quests played.

Updated: Monthly when HBR changes

Monster/Box Finding Guide: - (Updated: 09/03/2021)
This guide contains all the information on every enemies optimal hunts and boxes as well as other infomation.

Lost Hell Pallasch: Sorcerer Hunting: - (Needs Updating)
This thread is for LHP in which it specifies the best route to take for sorcerer guld hunting. This was made due to it being in HBR rotations and originally drop radius being small. I have plans to adapt it to have routes for other enemies since drop charts have changed and added stuff like Delsaber SLORE.

Rappy Holiday: The Road to Hildes: - (02/02/2021)
This is one of my favourite quests as I played it daily back on official BB but since then Tyrells Ego has become the Hilde hunt. I made this during seasons when TE was unavailable. It basically tells you the whole process to get to forest 2 easily and hunt Hildebears as well as how to clear Forest 2.

5-2: Holiday/Love Rappy Hunt: - (Updated: N/A)
This used to be the best hunt for Holiday/Love Rappies but other hunts have now overshadowed it.

Hardcore Price Guide: - (Updated: 03/11/2019)
I made this as I used to play Hardcore actively but now it is out of date as I do not play HC often.

Anti-Dark Ring / TE Guide: (Coming Soon)
Some of these are in the works and some may take forever to come to fruition but I have plans.

E4 Boss Crystal Guide
SD/PB Guide
Full Resist Guide
Solo CMode Guide
Attack/Set DMG guide
Newbie Guide
Vol-opt Casting Guide
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