challenge mode

  1. Spuz

    Challenge Mode Time Attack Interest?!

    Yo, if you are interested in Challenge Mode and specifically Time Attacking then this is for you! Basically, there is a lack of players in the cmode community and even less so who are TA'ers. Getting 4 player games can be tough most of the time. Trying to do all the stages 4p and a few 2p and...
  2. Spuz

    My Guides.

    This thread is basically a placeholder just to keep all my guides in one place. 5-2: Holiday/Love Rappy Hunt: - (Updated: N/A) Anti-Dark Ring / TE Guide: - (Updated: 19/10/2021) Basic Mag Information: - (Updated: 13/10/2021) Mag Feed Plans: - ([Updated: N/A) E4 Boss Guide - (Updated...
  3. Marcher

    Scape Doll Counter Addon

    So... I've been lurking the forums for some time. Finally have a valid reason to register an account. Paganini/BlackBetty/Betty in game. Bobiwan Kenobi on Discord. I present to you a simple little addon that shows a counter of Scape Dolls. Uses...
  4. Spuz

    ES Weapons/ S-rank Info & what you should make.

    All info can be found on the Wiki including all the weapons stats & info. Made this guide so people can get an idea of what ES weapons/S-ranks to make; but please remember it is all objective and you can do as you wish; it is not a rule of thumb. If anyone has any opinions, please share...
  5. NDW

    No Experience After Retries (Challenge Mode)

    Earlier today I was playing Challenge Mode with @Spuz , @Arsuru , and @cameron- in Episode 2. In Stage 2, we intentionally failed the first two attempts on the first wave of enemies to create graves for extra fluids for Force and selected "Try again" between attempts without remaking the party...
  6. Spuz

    2c4 EXP broken.

    Was playing this stage with Paganini + Pdxdash, and about 17minutes into the stage we realized we were getting no EXP from the enemies. (The purple text appears but the characters didn't gain any). We tried this with different hosts and remade to test the game was not bugged alone. Tried other...
  7. 310 HP FOney on 2c4

    310 HP FOney on 2c4

    i survived Divine Punishment even
  8. Spuz

    Grave Count

    The graves in Cmode don't work correctly. They seem to save some deaths but not all as total kills. The count goes up while playing, but it only counts a few after you leave the party/log off or something like that. Or possibly doesn't count when 2/3 players die same time.
  9. Spuz

    2c4 Scape not showing.

    In area 22, right at the end is a set of boxes. (You are required to ignore warp to area 23 but press a switch next to it, smash a wall down and take the warp there to these boxes). Every single time I have hosted the game on my HC account the 'scape box' is an empty box.