Introducing PSO Seasons on Ephinea

Discussion in 'News' started by Sodaboy, Dec 19, 2017.

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  1. VENOM

    VENOM Eternal lenny

    Dorset, England
    Green if we can change after seasons, blue if we can't.
  2. gojito

    gojito Member

    OMG I'm so hyped for seasons tomorrow! I hope there is a good base to play and enjoy this new mode.

    Is there a time set for when seasons starts tomorrow or is that still TBD? I wanna try and be on at the very start. :)
  3. TaoChaos

    TaoChaos Destiny awaits...

    Nor Cal
    I think it's when the server does the weekly roll over. Don't quote me on this, but 5pm PST
  4. gojito

    gojito Member

  5. Lileya

    Lileya Crippled old lady

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Are you talking about the weekly boost? The boost switches on Sunday at midnight (UTC+0):


    Matt talked about Seasons happening on Friday.
  6. gojito

    gojito Member

    Yeah I know it's scheduled for tomorrow, but was wondering if there was a time this would start so I can make arrangements to log on around that time.
  7. Steph6

    Steph6 - Stan -

    Guildcard 2:
    its already tomorrow here :D
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  8. Sodaboy

    Sodaboy Administrator Staff Member

    Benicia, California
    Most likely when I get off work for the weekend tomorrow. So, maybe around 16:30 Pacific Time, 19:30 Eastern. 00:30 UTC. (Which makes it Saturday UTC.)
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  9. gojito

    gojito Member

    Thanks! I'm so hyped!
  10. Selphurion

    Selphurion Member

    That's a shame. Was hoping I'd be able to play tomorrow, but that makes it 1:30 am for me. Any chance you could release it earlier by a few hours?
  11. Ketchupgeek

    Ketchupgeek Member

    He said it starts when he gets off work, so... no. "A few hours earlier" means he's at work lol
  12. falkenjeff

    falkenjeff I have quit the game

    Guildcard 2:
    This was kind of implied.

    Fair enough.

    I just hope your admin Matt has the same resolve. I was more-so thinking about him when I suggested it than I was thinking about you, since he would take the brunt of the complaints.

    (I was also thinking of the community members who can't control themselves who could inevitably get banned by Matt for taking it too far [​IMG] )
  13. Varanix

    Varanix Member

    I did not understand what and this season event someone can explain to me how it works?
  14. Codycos

    Codycos Member

    I'm excited about the seasons and think they are a great idea. Fun to start fresh where none has a large advantage. So I'm not a Phantasty star Veteran, but i do enjoy playing other games on hardcore mode (Path of exile, Diablo 2) It really didn't strike me until recently. But with scape dolls doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of hardcore mode? If all hardcore players run around with scape dolls in their inventory, its not really hardcore is it? Its more like Economy management core. Only reason i bring it up is i thought it may segment the population, but i guess since everyone can play together it doesn't really matter.

    Do other games with hardcore and persistent death have items like scape dolls?

    To each his own anyway i just wanted to comment on it.
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  15. Codycos

    Codycos Member

    Consider it like, starting on a new server where everyone starts at level 1. Then after the season ends your "seasonal characters" will go back to the general pool. Its sort of like a chance to start fresh and struggle as a pauper. Consider if you had lvl 200 characters, you may not have many goals left to accomplish.
  16. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    I think it's time to get rid of Skylar because despite quitting, he likes to stick around to stir things up.

    Also when it comes to Hardcore mode, Scape Dolls are much rarer (something like 50x rarer), so you still need to be careful and not die too much. Most games with Hardcore modes have some sort of leniency, but some also don't. The ones that don't just revert you back to normal after death, but if that was to happen, bonus rates cannot be applied.
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  17. NeonFuzz

    NeonFuzz Fanatical Hugger

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!
  18. Darksouls

    Darksouls Member

    That’s one thing I’m going to love:hate about seasons I doubt you get more then 1 doll dropped until VH difficulty and there will be no higher lvl”s to feed you them. As an avid hc player that got a melee FOmar to 133 trust me it’s not that easy, in games like d3 you
    Can pause and exit sometimes to save your skin, and there is areas you can die multiple times in a row in psobb
  19. TaoChaos

    TaoChaos Destiny awaits...

    Nor Cal
    HC is more interesting if you don't have a bunch of gear and dolls handed to you. You start fresh, the stakes are much higher, and the rewards are more satisfying. It would be cool to see more people start a HC char for the season, there would be more incentive to band together and share loot.
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  20. Andalamar

    Andalamar Member

    I understand your concern about Scapes, as I'm an avid HC player myself and HC rewards game knowledge, but there's simply too much bullshit in PSO to warrant removing Scapes altogether.

    To remove them you would need to modify the game so that the following doesn't occur:
    1. Guaranteed oneshots (ex: Meri-series in Ultimate)
    2. Double simultaneous hits on certain boss attacks (Falz balls comes to mind)
    3. Note that Megid is fine since you can stack EDK, but perhaps reduce the level of Megid enemies can throw out, e.g. Deldepth.
    But if you remove that, people simply won't die anymore, lol.
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