HUcast solo Ep. 2 Ultimate?



Hope this is the right place for this thread.
I have a HUcast reaching level 20 and I am thinking if I will keep it a Redria so I can hunt Heavenly/Battle myself, or if I will change it to Skyly for all the hunter weapons.

How easy is it to farm Ep. 2 weapons as a rising HUcast alone?
This is not exclusive to the "solo mode" (equivalent to Gamecube's offline mode) option, but also playing alone in online mode for Ep. 2 quests.
I can play as a HUcast well - setting traps, not doing full combos, corralling monsters and keeping a group away because I'm making the front monster flinch.

It's my first character on this great server, so I won't exactly be farming as a level 180 HUcast fully-decked in high-level gear.

Thanks :)
Generally speaking, Hunters have the hardest time in EP2 if we're looking at 1, 2, and 4. HUcast is god and can do it all with the right gear but planning to hunt a Heavenly/Battle is not a terribly useful goal when V101 exists. A Ranger will usually have a more tolerable time hunting in Ep2 as Skyly. Of course...I can't really go beyond that because the drops changed from the last time I played, so just food for thought.