1. P

    A>L&K38 0/0/25/25/50H DONE (567 value)

    Been blessed with this Hucast drop. RES 295 pds CD 48h 24h resets Min bid inc 5pd value Accepting: Spheres Hoards Adepts at a 40pd value each ES Hell Shot, valued at 30 without special, 80 with ES Demon's Mechgun, valued at 30 without special, 80 with 50h Bringer's valued at 50pd GL!
  2. I'm old af.

    I'm old af.

    GC# 42000103 and feeling that ache in my old bones.
  3. L

    HUcast solo Ep. 2 Ultimate?

    Hello, Hope this is the right place for this thread. I have a HUcast reaching level 20 and I am thinking if I will keep it a Redria so I can hunt Heavenly/Battle myself, or if I will change it to Skyly for all the hunter weapons. How easy is it to farm Ep. 2 weapons as a rising HUcast alone...
  4. EvilUpholsterer

    PC> Lavis Cannon (0'd)

    Dream Lavis Blades, am I right HUcast enthusiasts?
  5. XileRain

    PDA> L&K38 Combat 0/0/15/15/45 (Finished 165pds)

    Grinding some good old TTF on my viridia and found this one today! Thanks Dal! lol Reserve: 20pd Countdown: 72hrs Reserve met! Countdown started!
  6. brnnub

    A> Vjaya [Charge] [20/15/0/0|55] (Closed @ 210)

    Up for auction is this thicc boi down here: reserve: 125 PD countdown: 48H Resets: 24H Accepting: Photon Drops Photon Hoard Photon Sphere @ 98 Wants: v101 @ 25 v502 @ 25 Red Ring - Min Stat @ 50 PD Excalibur - 15H @ 30 PD ARREST Needle @ 40PD w/o special, 90PD w/ Arrest special
  7. Tsume

    B>HUcast gear

    looking for red sword w/ hit or zanba w/ hit s parts 2.01 braveman 50 hit cent ability adept v502 arrest and hell raygun 50h RR min or at least CHEAP I also have some stuff i could trade on my trade list for these as well as I have PDs to pay.
  8. G finds his first PD

    G finds his first PD

    I decided to draw my own character (G) a Yellowboze HUcast who is paranoid about everything-yellow aesthetics...
  9. Lileya


    I currently have the following mags for sale: Rati [Orange] [5/140/55/0] [Mylla&Youlla|Estlla|Pilla] - 4 PDs if purely paid in PDs, otherwise, the equivalent of 5 PDs from my list of wants Sato [Pink] [5/150/45/0] [Mylla&Youlla|Estlla|Pilla] - 4 PDs if purely paid in PDs, otherwise, the...
  10. Redgang


    HUcast clâ epic day