1. Catalina

    I want to hear your opinion.!

    A three weeks ago I made a Hunter Redria and I have it at lvl 155 but I have noticed that the best drops are with the Skyly for example D-Photon Core Olga Flow drops the ID Redria while the Skyly has a better chance to get it and that's Just an example with that item but I think I would do...
  2. RedtheRAmar

    Red Team - Welcoming All

    Hello! Our team is still growing and always interested in accepting new members. :D As of now we mostly consist of new players & players interested in leveling. We are interested in helping new players and being able to easily form parties to play together. Many of us enjoy building our HBR...
  3. L

    HUcast solo Ep. 2 Ultimate?

    Hello, Hope this is the right place for this thread. I have a HUcast reaching level 20 and I am thinking if I will keep it a Redria so I can hunt Heavenly/Battle myself, or if I will change it to Skyly for all the hunter weapons. How easy is it to farm Ep. 2 weapons as a rising HUcast alone...