episode 2

  1. Esther

    6 New Quests: The Penumbral Surge

    Hello, Everyone! Welcome to The Penumbral Surge! This six piece quest series is my second contribution to Ephinea. This series is designed to be cousins to the Phantasmal World series where players rip through maps until the end where many monsters rise to produce a closing...
  2. Esther

    Quest: Twilight Sanctuary (Version 1.5)

    Episode: 2 Quest Tab: Tower Wiki page: https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=Twilight_Sanctuary#Enemy_Counts THIS QUEST IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED! Welcome to the Twilight Sanctuary This isn't an easy quest. It's also my first one that I've ever made with the highly thanked...
  3. L

    HUcast solo Ep. 2 Ultimate?

    Hello, Hope this is the right place for this thread. I have a HUcast reaching level 20 and I am thinking if I will keep it a Redria so I can hunt Heavenly/Battle myself, or if I will change it to Skyly for all the hunter weapons. How easy is it to farm Ep. 2 weapons as a rising HUcast alone...
  4. 2nd PGF

    2nd PGF

  5. oooh I won

    oooh I won

    Human roulette is rewarding. :D
  6. Ah human roulette

    Ah human roulette

    Even kidnapped the Chiefs twin sisters to play this game. >:D
  7. Evasive maneuvers

    Evasive maneuvers

    My evasive skills are simply too high for the Indi Belras to comprehend.
  8. Tattletail