Giveaway Thread.

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I may update the thread later if I find anything worth giving away.

1 item per person

List of items:
Frozen Shooter 0 hit
Cannon Rouge 0'd
Moro(no twins; 6 def mess up; lv 56)
Mercius Rod
Summit Moon
Great Boquet
Yellow Merge
Heavenly/Mind x4
Striker of Chao
Glide Divine
King's Striker
God/HP x3
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Heyoo, toss me that Red Ring, fam.

But I also think you should just hold onto everything in case you feel like going back.


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nooooooo roo are you sure about this? o: i will hold on to the dankmeme needle cause it sounds like a really cool item if you're sure but you can have it back whenever you want!!


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Ill grab a Grey Sato 5/0/45/150 T/E/P, didn't get to play with you much if at all but i hope you'll get the pso bug again :)

edit:item taken
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