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Discussion in 'Tools' started by tofuman, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Smokey

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    When using the launcher on 1920x1080 resolution, there's some graphical glitches.......

    How can I fix this? Doesn't the client need to be edited to make this work properly? Any help is appreciated.....

    @tofuman @Soly
  2. Soly

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    That's problem of how the launcher works.
    It edits the client when it launches, sometimes it doesn't have enough time to edit all the things and some end up like this.
  3. Xlaits

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    @tofuman I've run into a snag when running this and the lua gui mods from Eidolon. Because of how your launcher works, and how the mods work, they are completely incompatible. The working directory for the mods requires it to be in the same path as exe, but because of how your launcher is built, it doesn't change the working directory. Is there any way you could remedy this?
  4. Lorick

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    @tofuman i have the same problem as @Xlaits , is there any plan to update this to handle the psobb Addon plugin?
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  6. Ender

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    EDIT: Best you can do for now is to read Soly's post below.

    An alternative is to modify the addons plugin source yourself to fix the working directory. There might be a better way of doing this (I honestly don't remember if you can just revert the working directory back), or maybe patching out the SetCurrentDirectory() call in the launcher would also work. I detailed changing the addons plugin here:
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  7. Soly

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    Maybe the easiest solution here is to put the lua stuff in
    %AppData%\MMFApplications\ which should be something like C:\Users\Windows10\AppData\Roaming\MMFApplications\

    I was checking the launcher and the launcher code seems to end up setting the working directory back to the executable location but it gets set to that folder above somewhere else that I haven't found.

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