Full Server Error - After a month

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Forte , Epyon

I have been playing this game for the last month, and past the initial set up, have had no problems. I played today, and not two hours after my last log in, as I attempted to log in again, I continue to get this 'server is full' error.

I have double checked all my exclusions/whitelistings, and uninstalled and reinstalled the program.

Nothing has changed with the pc since my last log in - no updates, or anything besides being turned off, and then on.

If anyone has any insight, I would highly appreciate it!

*running windows 10 with windows defender and malwarebytes

Thanks in advance.

Update: Ephinea Luancher v1.0.12 via my launcher info.

I have also whitelisted every folder and file associated with the game, and excluded them as well in both windows defender and malwarebytes.

** I am aware a lot of threads about this have been posted. I have not done anything that would relate to a ban, and today played almost all solo side quest runs, including the last one I did before logging out. I have also had no problems for the past month, which leads me to believe my data has possibly just become corrupt, or banned for a reason I am not aware of.


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The IP address you are connecting from was attempting to cheat. I'll send you a PM with the details.
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