1. Bauce

    Server Timeout is showing SERVER TIMEOUT! in the top corer where it typically shows active players and game gives me error 903 (I think) when trying to log into game. Says game may be under maintenance and to check official news. Haven't seen anything official, only other players talking...
  2. AnOrdinaryNoob

    Im worried about the future of this server.

    I dont want to be negative, and its not like Ive spent a thousand on hours in this server (been off for so many years), also neither I known what I was doing most of the time when playing. But being honest Im scared of this being closed after the air of PSO2, or just people quitting playing...
  3. TrueVision

    Mechonis Server Software

    I present: Mechonis A project born 50% out of necessity and 50% wanting to push limits. Written in TypeScript, running on NodeJS, lofty feature goals, 2020 here I come! You can find the source here which is also where you can download it. Currently only...
  4. themedisin

    Full Server Error - After a month

    Server is Full by themedisin posted May 31, 2019 at 12:44 AM I have been playing this game for the last month, and past the initial set up, have had no problems. I played today, and not two hours after my last log in, as I attempted to log in again, I continue to get this 'server is full'...
  5. Arcvox

    Help with setting up server with modified game rules

    Hey guys, So I've set up a server for PSOBB for me and my friends to play over LAN, but I'm going through the process of modifying the games drop rates, rare encounters etc. I've virtually set up everything the way I wanted to, other than remove the equipment restrictions between classes, so RA...