Mechonis Server Software


I present: Mechonis
A project born 50% out of necessity and 50% wanting to push limits.

Written in TypeScript, running on NodeJS, lofty feature goals, 2020 here I come!

You can find the source here which is also where you can download it.
Currently only implementing Patch server functionality but Login is next and I have a fire under me to continue developing as much as I can spare time for!

Mechonis Patch made to be able to work as a drop in replacement for Teth Patch server with minor configuring. Definitely give the readme a look, there are a few tasty features.

Definitely post issues on my gitlab repo if you can, and if you can't there is also a discord


Endless amount of thanks to @Soly for his extensive support and knowledge with helping me develop this!
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I was asked this by some other developers in the community. I am far more comfortable as it is my profession to work with the language and environment.

That said, it's not without it's challenges. But the challenge is what keeps me motivated, to say that I did it!