1. TrueVision

    Mechonis Server Software

    I present: Mechonis A project born 50% out of necessity and 50% wanting to push limits. Written in TypeScript, running on NodeJS, lofty feature goals, 2020 here I come! You can find the source here which is also where you can download it. Currently only...
  2. Oth

    Mag Timer v1.0

    A simple mag timer tool for windows that allows you set a specific time cycle with a sound alert that continually renews itself until stopped.
  3. Oth

    Mag Farm 0.97r2

    This program allows you to plan what and how many items you need to feed a mag to achieve your desired result, how long it will take (on average) and the monetary cost in meseta of said items. All of this takes into account the possible photon blasts and evolutions according to the...