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Mag Farm 0.97r2

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This program allows you to plan what and how many items you need to feed a mag to achieve your desired result, how long it will take (on average) and the monetary cost in meseta of said items. All of this takes into account the possible photon blasts and evolutions according to the classes/section IDs used.
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If the dropdown list are empty, try running it in compatiblity mode ( Windows 98 / Windows Me )
or take a look at Magatama also availalble under Resources.
Nowaday it might feel a bit Clunky & Cramped, it lack the Blue Burst Mag cell, the ability save and continue at a later time; However, for a long time it was our only options and we have to take in mind it product of it era ( Early 2000 ).

Without it i would not have been inspired to improve upond the idea and make Magatama.
This is why i give it 5 STAR.
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Very good :) Just one star missing because of the cells missing
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Works perfectly, my only minor gripe is all the mag cells are not available (tablet for example).
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Beautiful <3
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