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Ephinea Summer Event
August 11th to September 24th October 1st

Greetings, Ephinea friends! Welcome to Ephinea's 1st anniversary event, lovingly (and still accurately, if Wikipedia is to be believed) known as the Ephinea Summer Event. This thread will serve as the hub for information and discussion regarding the event. Read on to see what it holds for you.

Let's start with what you'll be collecting: Bronze, Silver and Gold Badges.

Each badge is used as currency for an item exchange shop. You can collect badges by defeating enemies anywhere in the game. Keep in mind, however, that your odds at finding badges are better in higher difficulties. The Summer Badge Shop can be accessed via the Quest Counter; once you've gathered some badges, head in and start claiming some rewards.

The shop features a Guide NPC who can cover some of the specifics. I'll be updating this thread in the future to include a shop walkthrough, but for now, why don't you take it upon yourselves to check things out?

Extra badges can be earned by completing Maximum Attack 4. Depending on your difficulty, you'll be rewarded with badges for finishing any of the nine Maximum Attack 4 quests. As an added incentive, Maximum Attack 4 is also featured in a two-month Hunters Boost Road campaign. Golly!

Now that Christmas Fiasco has been unlocked, it will also be featured during the event. Like Max Attack, Christmas Fiasco will reward badges upon completion. However, the number of badges rewarded is slightly lower in Ultimate, and Christmas Fiasco cannot benefit from Hunters Boost Road. Will you fight through Fiasco's larger enemy hordes, or will you build your HBR for precision rare hunting? The choice is yours.

Enemies killed in MA4 and Fiasco will also count towards the Event Milestone Goals. In short, as players defeat monsters in the event-specified quests, they'll contribute toward unlocking server-wide rewards. Team up with the rest of the server population and try to unlock as many rewards as you can before the event ends on September 24th.

In Episodes 1, 2 and 4, you can access the Summer Badge Shop under "Shops" in the quest counter.

The Guide can answer any questions you might have about the event.
If you find a Platinum Badge, bring it to her in exchange for a grand prize.

There are three badge shops. The Bronze NPC is located in the teleporter room. The Silver NPC is in the medical center. The Gold NPC is in the Principal's office.

The Thief from Ragol can be found in Caves, and will let you gamble Bronze badges for exotic prizes. Her pool consists of items available from Coren, as well as a few surprises. The teleporter is disabled, however, so you'll need to find someone who can re-enable it.

The Scavenger from Ragol can be found in the Medical Center. For a single Silver badge, he'll offer you a random common weapon with a random special. He won't let you choose the type or special, but you can choose the color tier.
(His appearance varies based on ID; just look for the out-of-place tekker)

The Hunter from Ragol can be found in Principal Tyrell's office. He offers a variety of rare weapons in exchange for Gold badges. You might even be able to secure them with hit, if you're lucky. (Or if you pay the right price.)

As of now, all shops have been unlocked.

1 - Music Disk (Random)
5 = Trigrinder
8 = Soul Eater
8 = Suppressed Gun
8 = Technical Crozier
10 = Silver Badge
10 = Addslot
15 = Shifta Merge (Min)
15 = Deband Merge (Min)
30 = Butterfly Net
30 = Bamboo Spear
50 = Chu Chu Fever
50 = Bunny Ears
50 = Cat Ears

1 = Def Material
1 = Evade Material
2 = Power Material
2 = Mind Material
5 = HP Material
5 = TP Material
8 = Broom
8 = Chameleon Scythe
8 = Crazy Tune
8 = Toy Hammer
8 = Samba Maracas
8 = Harisen Battle Fan
8 = Flower Cane
8 = Wok of Akiko's Shop
10 = Luck Material
10 = Gold Badge
12 = Item Ticket
12 = Photon Crystal
30 = Daisy Chain
30 = Nice Shot
50 = Elenor Mag

1 = Imperial Pick (0/0/0/0/30)
1 = Red Mechgun (0/0/0/0/30)
1 = Windmill (0/0/0/0/30)
4 = Smartlink
4 = V501
6 = Parasitic Cell Type D
6 = Flame Garment (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
6 = Electro Frame (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
8 = Aura Field (250 DFP, 140 EVP)
10 = Pioneer Parts
10 = Liberta Kit
10 = Dress Plate
10 = Wedding Dress
15 = Magic Rock "Heart Key"
60 = Photon Sphere

Some of the milestones correlate with item rewards. These will be handed out after the event ends on September 24th. They are limited to one per account; make sure you have room in your common bank, and have a character that is at least Lv50, as these are required in order to receive prizes.

Some items will have a listed "kill gate." This means that, in order to be eligible, you will need to have killed that many enemies at minimum in either Maximum Attack 4 or Christmas Fiasco.

Item Ticket
Available to all players

Item Ticket is a miscellaneous item that can be taken to the quest "Item Present," a shop quest in Episode 2. It can be exchanged for a variety of seasonal mag cells and event weapons.

Elenor Mag Cell
Available to all players

An otherwise unobtainable mag, equippable only by Casts. This Mag is also available in the Silver Badge Shop for 50 Silver Badges.

Available to all players

An all-class wand with no stat requirement. It's a magazine featuring Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst on the cover. Press the regular attack button to swing it around. Maybe mix it up with some heavy attacks, too. Golly!

Event Egg x30
Kill Gate: 8,000

Event Eggs were the focus of Ephinea's 2016 Easter Event. Take them to the quest "The Egg Shop" in Episode 2. You can trade them for immediate rewards such as materials, rare mag cells and unique weapons, or try your luck at the Egg Gamble for a (low) chance at securing very rare weapons.

Ultimate Christmas Present
Kill Gate: 15,000

The Ultimate Christmas Present is based on the presents that could be obtained from Ephinea's 2015 Christmas event. It's a one-time consumable item that grants you a random item reward, selected from last year's Very Hard and Ultimate drop pools.

Badge Surplus
Kill Gate: 12,000

Being the focus reward for the summer event, it only makes sense to include a few freebies as a reward. 2 Gold and 10 Silver will be rewarded to those who meet the kill gate requirement. So if you're a little bit off from getting one last reward, we've got you covered.

Of course, what is the event without giving credit where credit is due?


Let's all give a round of applause to anime, for single-handedly doing 100% of everything in this event. Yes, anime is a true Canadian hero. Of course, anime had a team of conniving glory thieves hounding him at every turn. I'll go ahead and list them here, as well as what they supposedly accomplished.

Sodaboy, for programming, cleaning up the event and being generally awesome.
anime, for being the grand-master of communication and barking orders.
Heloise, for creating the Christmas Fiasco quests.
Kanashimi, for making the event shop and writing dialogue.
XII, for managing concept planning and writing dialogue.
Matt, for concept planning and playing Terraria.
emoticon, for concept planning and buying Terraria for Matt.
Toaster Mage, for concept planning and funposting.
Agastya, for concept planning and funposting.
Spuz, for concept planning and unfunposting.

This event wouldn't have been possible without this crack team of slackers. You can direct your hate mail to them at your leisure.
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Can't wait!

I'd also like to take some credit (by proxy). I spoke to XII once.

P.S. Think we can get almost 45% in 24 hours? MAKE IT SO NUMBA TWELVE.


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Bronze shop - Music disc didn't say which one and if the Soul Eater is %less (again, doesn't say) then all I will do is trade up for Silver Badges in a week since my RAmar probably won't be able to contribute to MA4C (and that's all I feel like playing at the moment...and even then...eh...zzzzzzzzzzzz)


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The "Festivity on the Beach" quest has been activated in Episode 2 for the duration of the event, congratulations!

Some milestones will need to be activated manually, so there may be a delay as one of the staff members will need to activate them. I start work on Monday and Sodaboy has a full-time job, so give it at least 24 hours after a milestone has been unlocked, thanks!