Download updates/patches directly via web browser?



I'm aching to get back into PSO after a really long hiatus due to work/life. But I'm having trouble getting the game to update.

Simply put, downloads in the updater never finish. I manage to get somewhere between 7-15% and then it seems to silently time-out. I've left it on for hours yet it still doesn't move a single % after that.

Would it be possible for someone to upload their fully updated Ephinea PSO installation so I can download it directly outside of the game client? Would that be allowed here (sorry if it isn't)? I would be super, super grateful. I really want to play again! I'm running the game on Ubuntu Linux through WINE. It seems to run fine other than this update issue.


P.S. I did read the FAQ. Wine, by default, runs all Windows executables as administrator, so I'm pretty sure that's not the issue.

UPDATE Nov 1: I was able to get it to finally work by connecting through a VPN. It's working fine now.
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