1. Theanine

    Download updates/patches directly via web browser?

    Hello! I'm aching to get back into PSO after a really long hiatus due to work/life. But I'm having trouble getting the game to update. Simply put, downloads in the updater never finish. I manage to get somewhere between 7-15% and then it seems to silently time-out. I've left it on for hours...
  2. I

    When using a gun, game crashes

    Whenever I (or anyone in the party) fires a gun, my game crashes completely. Any help at all? I have tried everything.
  3. S

    Weird Keyboard Issue

    I'm having a weird keyboard issue where my keystrokes aren't being registered when I'm trying to chat. I can use the keyboard normally while in the lobby or in a game to bring up menus and commands, but when I try to talk to someone, nothing happens. Cursor is brought up, but nothing happens...
  4. fare67t

    Potential account issue

    Hello. I don't know if this server works like Schthack does with its "auto-account deletion" thing (or if i'm just stupid), but... I tried logging into the game (via ingame user ID / Pass login) after like...months of hiatus, and it tells me Wrong User ID / Password. So... 2 things: 1. Is my...
  5. fare67t

    Potential security issue

    Hia. Ok so, as people have possibly talked about before, antivirus finds the .dll file to be a trojan. thats not whats abit concerning / what im here to talk about. My antivirus also finds problems with the installer (Ephinea_PSOBB_Installer), and has apparently removed it. but the file has...