1. Theanine

    Download updates/patches directly via web browser?

    Hello! I'm aching to get back into PSO after a really long hiatus due to work/life. But I'm having trouble getting the game to update. Simply put, downloads in the updater never finish. I manage to get somewhere between 7-15% and then it seems to silently time-out. I've left it on for hours...
  2. kromlech

    Changing Stackables, Client-side: ASM Patch help

    Sick of me yet? I hope not. D: As a companion to my other thread where I needed help changing the Ship.exe to allow stacking for certain item groups (which was a total success, thanks again!), this time I need help getting the client to allow stacking for some and disallow stacking for others...
  3. da_man

    Patch problems

    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but the new patch makes my game say "Code integrity check fail". At first, I thought my game was damaged so i reinstalled it. Afterwards, the game launched and I got the patches again. It says code integrity check fail again at the launcher.