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Thank you. You, and whoever your party is, are very fast.
I will spread stories of your service.
It’s exceptional!


Event Team
My favorite HUMAR is whichever one HARDWOOD is playing. HARDWOOD is my friend but we drive each other mad. Usually HARDWOOD thinks I am trolling him and I think HARDWOOD is trolling me.

HARDWOOD has taught me many things, such as the appropriate pixel distance between a HUMAR wielding a sword start versus a mighty NANO DRAGON. HARDWOOD has taught me that it's better to cast techs using daggers because the animation looks cool even if it is slower than barehand casting. HARDWOOD taught me that opening boxes is for losers and hucasts. One time I forgot to collect weapons or barriers in c2 and I actually thought HARDWOOD would never play with me again.

HARDWOOD disparages me for each wipe, but to his credit, always stands back up to dust himself off. He brushes the dust and the haters off of his one large arm/shoulder that he has because he's a HUMAR. One time in sleepaway camp we caught one of the kids in the bunk masturbating to a picture of an anime robot. Like not even hentai just a gundam or something. I like to think that child grew up to become HARDWOOD the HUMAR.

Please make me a DROP WAND baby plzzzzzzzzzz
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Hello yes.
I would like an INFERNAL TWIN. Here is my confession.

To my favorite Humar.

I entered the lobby and there he was, kneeling in front of me. I had never seen such beauty in my life. It was the kind of beauty that captivates every part of you, and you are left trembling. He was the perfect height. He had the perfect hair. He knew how to dress. His charisma seemed to have no limit as he simply said “I'm gay.” I felt something change within. A fire of sorts ignited within my soul. “I choke u irl” he said. I alt+m involuntarily. When I came to, he was no where to be found.

My life changed that day. That humar opened my eyes. I now live by the mantra “I'm gay,” and I am better for it. Thank you Hardwood, for teaching us your ways.

I would also like an INFERNAL SHOT.

TYVM in advance yo! I'll be around for a few hours for payment. Feel free to hit me up in discord.
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Hey guys, thanks for placing your orders! I'll get to them eventually. There have been many orders coming in and I haven't been doing them at top speed on weekdays, due to a combination of flu, difficulty finding people to play with, and IRL. I am still filling the requests though. This weekend should see quite a few more completed.


Take it easy with the flu. I was out for a week recently barely able to eat, drink, or sleep.

If you get back into the swing of things I'd like a DEMONS MECHGUN. (but don't tell anyone I don't have enough damage to one round epsilon without it)




u r awosome!


i dont play humar, but this game is not "huc&DF". Humar is definit the leading role in psobb. Here i am want to say something about two humars i konw. the very first one is "i am gay" man, who is passionate in CH mode. I am a CH noob, he carry me finished E1C1, and i just DCed again and again in C2. So my CH jorney paused here, but i will finish E1C not long in the furture. The second humar is a man who reached LV200 in forest for LV80, farming Lavis cannon from tallow. The man showed extraordinary perseverance and determination, also great love for this game.

Athlete must on the list ;)
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First Order: Demon's Mechgun
Second Order: Hell Slicer
Third Order: Berserk Twin

Please see below screenshot and praise:


I know tis a foolish task to try and encapsulate mere words on a page to describe the legend that I am about to tell, however I dare say it must be told. Here follows the Legend of Hardwood.
From the beginning of our expanse into the Ragol system, one name thunders across the planet that burns through the forest and echoes in the caves. Countless booma and hidoom have cried out "HARDWOOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US" as they were struck down in their brood's blood.
It is for this reason that I will continue to kill using weapons of legend forged by the hero, Hardwood.



Exanimo was very very blue HUmar. Rocking the double-cut doo and baby blue hightlights and rad blue suit, he drew the attention of his fellow peers. People would party with him and wonder,"why Exanimo, why are you so blue?" Exanimo never knew how to answer that question. He did not know what his true purpose was. All he knew was he had to grind and grind while swinging his big blue sword. Even at level 100 he continued to swing that big blue sword. Never has anyone seen such a determined HUmar to be as blue as Exanimo was. One day he dissapeared and no one knew where he went. But I will remember him as the bluest HUmar of all.


Thanks in advance.


Hi I'm JC
Second Order: HELL SLICER

My HUmar story:

In the beginning, there was nothing.
And THE LORD said; "Let there be HUmars."
And there was HUmar.

For thousands of years, great men and philosophers have tried to quantify what it is which makes HUmars such a potent force in the universe. Many have failed.

At first glance, they might not seem like they are much to write home about to the untrained eye - big shoulder pad, access to debuffing techniques and massive abs. But beneath the layers of bright clothing there is a deeper and much more complex truth, a kind of nuance that only scholars studying HUmars for a lifetime could hope to comprehend.

I speak, of course, of the hidden potential of the HUmar's Alt+K.

The Alt+K is thought by some to be nothing more than a taunt, or possibly part of the HUmar's natural mating rituals - sometimes, flocks of young HUmars will gather to ALT+K in a lobby.
But there is a deeper meaning to it.

Every time a HUmar ALT-K's, their chakra aligns with the fabric of spacetime perfectly, radiating pure love. This enables the laws of physics to function properly - without HUmars, there would be no gravity, sub-atomic particles would disintegrate and their components scatter - stars wouldn't be able to form and life would be impossible.

So the next time you see a HUmar in the lobby, thank them for their service and ALT+K. We owe them that.

Third Order: HELL TWIN