1. Spuz

    Challenge Mode Picture Thread

    It is always really fun to see all the crazy gear that people find in the runs and share with each other but the main picture thread gets flooded with everything in normal mode. Because of that I am making this thread so we can share Challenge Pictures to look over in awe. Whether it gets used...
  2. H

    Custom S-Ranks [E1C]

    Hey babe, need an S-Rank? I'm your guy! Place an order here and I'll get to work on it ASAP. FIRST ORDER - 3 PD SECOND ORDER - 2 PD THIRD ORDER - 1 PD Up to five concurrent orders will be tracked here for completion on a first-come first-serve basis: Here are the rules for submitting a...
  3. 310 HP FOney on 2c4

    310 HP FOney on 2c4

    i survived Divine Punishment even
  4. Spuz

    Pre-Unlocking cmode stages.

    So anyone can play any stage anytime. I feel with such a small community all it does is act as a hindrance for those who don't have time to do full sets. Unlocking would give anyone the ability to play any stage in any order (thus getting teams easier, when not doing full runs) but would still...