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    3rd Anniversary Event

    6th August ~ 3rd September

    Event Milestone Page

    Welcome to the third Ephinea Anniversary Event. Returning players may remember this event as 2016's Summer Event, but we decided to rename this event to be a little more on-point.

    If you're a veteran, you'll already know what this event is all about, and to save you trawling through the thread, here's all the changes this year:

    - 2nd Anniv. Badges have been replaced by 3rd Anniv. Badges.
    - 1st Anniv. Badges have been replaced by 2nd Anniv. Badges.
    - 1st Anniv. Badges are now useless.
    - Photon Sphere price has been changed from 50 to 70 golds.
    - Heart Key price has been changed from 10 to 15 golds.
    - Smartlink has been replaced by Halloween Cookie in the Gold Shop (2 Golds).
    - Girasole has been replaced by Vivienne from the Hunter.
    - Frozen Shooter is not obtainable from the Hunter.
    - The Hunter's % weighting has been nerfed to generate far less 30H+ weapons.
    - Hunter has a bit more junk in his gamble.

    What's the Anniversary Event?

    The Anniversary Event is an event which features badge currency drops and a set of exclusive limited-time quests, known as Maximum Attack E.

    During the course of this event, you will be able to find four different types of badges:
    • Bronze (All Difficulties)
    • Silver (Very Hard and Ultimate)
    • Gold (Ultimate Only)
    • Platinum (Ultimate Only, extremely rare)
    The higher the difficulty, the more common the badge drops. These badges will drop anywhere, they are not exclusive to the event quest series.

    All badge drops will also be independent of any drop rate modifications. This means you will find badges at the same rate regardless of the amount of players you are playing with.

    Note that badges cannot drop from rappies that are scared instead of killed.

    You'll be able to spend these badges in the "Anniversary Event Shop" under Episode 1 at various NPCs.

    Note that:
    • 10 Bronze = 1 Silver
    • 10 Silver = 1 Gold
    Maximum Attack E

    Maximum Attack E are this event's designated quest series. They are featured in the Hunter's Boost Road and are also the only way to increase the cumulative kill counter, other than Christmas Fiasco.

    Each quest is designed to last 5-10 minutes, and cannot be failed, meaning all players will be able to participate.

    The quest list is as follows:
    • Maximum Attack E: Forest
    • Maximum Attack E: Caves
    • Maximum Attack E: Mines
    • Maximum Attack E: Ruins
    • Maximum Attack E: Temple
    • Maximum Attack E: Spaceship
    • Maximum Attack E: CCA
    • Maximum Attack E: Seabed
    • Maximum Attack E: Tower
    • Maximum Attack E: Crater
    • Maximum Attack E: Desert
    Note that each quest features a timer. This timer doesn't have any purpose and is simply for players who like to see how fast they're going. The timer will also freeze at the end of the quest, so players don't have to rush to press their printscreen button.


    Rag Rappy: 16
    Booma: 22
    Gobooma: 17
    Gigobooma: 37
    Savage Wolf: 25
    Barbarous Wolf: 7
    Hildebear: 32
    Monest: 5

    Total: 161

    Evil Shark: 28
    Pal Shark: 42
    Guil Shark: 44
    Poison Lily: 46
    Grass Assassin: 23
    Nano Dragon: 30
    Pofuilly Slime: 4

    Total: 217

    Gilchic: 42
    Dubchic: 12
    Canadine: 65 (+32)
    Canane: 4
    Sinow Beat: 21
    Sinow Gold: 13
    Garanz: 19

    Total: 144 (+32)

    Claw: 24
    Bulclaw: 11
    Dimenian: 32
    La Dimenian: 33
    So Dimenian: 18
    Chaos Sorcerer: 15
    Dark Belra: 12
    Dark Gunner: 6
    Chaos Bringer: 11

    Total: 162

    Rag Rappy: 22
    Hildebear: 22
    Poison Lily: 43
    Grass Assassin: 20
    Dimenian: 15
    La Dimenian: 25
    So Dimenian: 28
    Dark Belra: 17

    Total: 192

    Savage Wolf: 23
    Barbarous Wolf: 20
    Pan Arms: 8
    Gilchic: 61
    Dubchic: 12
    Garanz: 21
    Delsaber: 29

    Total: 174
    Central Control Area

    Merillia: 16
    Meriltas: 13
    Ul Gibbon: 17
    Zol Gibbon: 19
    Gee: 15
    Sinow Berill: 10
    Sinow Spigell: 18
    Mericarol: 14
    Mericus: 2
    Merikle: 2
    Gibbles: 15
    Gi Gue: 5

    Total: 146

    Recobox: 26
    Dolmolm: 27
    Dolmdarl: 25
    Sinow Zoa: 17
    Sinow Zele: 14
    Deldepth: 17
    Morfos: 12
    Delbiter: 18

    Total: 156

    Mericarol: 7
    Mericus: 6
    Merikle: 7
    Gibbles: 9
    Gi Gue: 18
    Recbox: 2
    Delbiter: 8
    Del Lily: 24
    Ill Gill: 19
    Epsilon: 4

    Total: 104

    Sand Rappy: 18
    Boota: 24
    Ze Boota: 23
    Ba Boota: 25
    Satellite Lizard: 36
    Yowie: 23
    Astark: 23
    Zu: 8
    Dorphon: 14

    Total: 194

    Sand Rappy: 13
    Goran: 24
    Pyro Goran: 26
    Goran Detonator: 19
    Satellite Lizard: 30
    Yowie: 20
    Merissa A: 22
    Zu: 18
    Girtablulu: 6

    Total: 178

    Event Milestones*

    Event Milestone Page

    During this event, all kills made in the "Maximum Attack E" quest series will be tallied up and added to a cumulative kill counter. Make certain goals to unlock items, quests and boosts for everyone to enjoy. Any boosts applied will function everywhere, not only in the event quests.

    Note that depending on your level, kills you make on certain difficulties will not count towards the total kill counter:
    • Normal: 31+
    • Hard: 51+
    • Very Hard: 101+
    Furthermore, playing with more players will increase the milestone counter faster. All you need to do to get a kill is to tag an enemy, so playing with others can increase the counter 4 times as fast!

    If you wish to see your personal kill counter, talk to the Guide in the Anniversary Badge Shop.

    * For the duration of this event, the rotating boost system has been disabled.

    Anniversary Shop Quest

    Normal → Episode 1 → Shop
    Note: If you have any "2nd Anniv. Badges" from last year's event, you may trade them for "3rd Anniv. Badges" at a reduced rate (3 to 1).

    If you manage to find or earn badges on your travels and hunts, you may trade them for various goodies in the Anniversary Shop Quest.

    There are a total of 9 NPCs to do trades with, and they all take various badges for their services.

    Check under the spoiler if you're interested in the shop list.

    In the Anniversary Shop, there are nine NPCs who would love to do business with you and your badges.

    The Bronze, Silver and Gold Badge Shops
    Location: The plaza next to the bank
    Each of these shop attendants will trade flat item rewards for badges.

    Currency: Bronze

    1 - Music Disk (Random)
    1 = Trigrinder
    5 = Soul Eater
    5 = Suppressed Gun
    5 = Technical Crozier
    8 = Addslot
    15 = Shifta Merge (Min)
    15 = Deband Merge (Min)
    20 = Butterfly Net
    20 = Bamboo Spear
    50 = Chu Chu Fever
    50 = Bunny Ears
    50 = Cat Ears

    Currency: Silver

    1 = Def Material
    1 = Evade Material
    1 = Power Material
    1 = Mind Material
    2 = HP Material
    2 = TP Material
    8 = Broom
    8 = Chameleon Scythe
    8 = Crazy Tune
    8 = Toy Hammer
    8 = Samba Maracas
    8 = Harisen Battle Fan
    8 = Flower Cane
    8 = Wok of Akiko's Shop
    10 = Luck Material
    12 = Item Ticket
    12 = Photon Crystal
    30 = Daisy Chain
    50 = Heart of YN-0117

    Currency: Gold

    1 = Imperial Pick (0/0/0/0|30)
    1 = Red Mechgun (0/0/0/0|30)
    1 = Windmill (0/0/0/0|30)
    2 = Halloween Cookie
    2 = V501
    6 = Parasitic Cell Type D
    5 = Red Merge
    5 = Blue Merge
    5 = Yellow Merge
    6 = Flame Garment (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
    6 = Electro Frame (220 DFP, 120 EVP)
    8 = Aura Field (250 DFP, 140 EVP)
    5 = Pioneer Parts
    15 = Magic Rock "Heart Key"
    70 = Photon Sphere

    The Hunter from Ragol
    Location: Tyrell's Office

    The Hunter can be a little rough around the edges, but you can't argue with his stock. If you bring him Gold Badges, you can trade him for one of his weapons. If you're lucky, you might get one with Hit. He's done away with the tier system from last year; all weapons will cost 2 Gold Badges.

    He's changed up his business model since last year. Since very few people were drawn to his triple price deal, he's abandoned that in favor of a gamble; the Hunter is sick of properly tekking items for you, so you can buy a random untekked weapon for 1 Gold Badge. They can potentially have higher percentages, but you don't get to choose which weapon you'll get.

    Currency: Gold

    Chain Sawd
    Diska of Braveman
    Flowen's Sword (3084)
    M&A60 Vise
    Ano Rifle
    Maser Beam
    Spread Needle
    Holy Ray
    Soul Banish
    Tyrell's Parasol
    (Gamble Only) Durandal
    (Gamble Only) L&K14 Combat
    (Gamble Only) Ano Bazooka
    (Gamble Only) Final Impact
    (Gamble Only) Angry Fist
    (Gamble Only) Windmill
    (Gamble Only) Red Mechgun
    (Gamble Only) Imperial Pick

    The Scavenger from Ragol
    Location: Next to the bank

    The Scavenger loves three things: himself, his operation, and Silver Badges. This greedy snake will happily take your Silvers in exchange for random common weapons with random specials. He won't let you choose the type or special, but you can choose the color tier. These weapons come with, at minimum, 50 hit, and no other percentages.

    He has expanded the scope of his looting, and now includes Yellow tier weapons in his trade. But be warned: the higher the color quality, the lower your chances of finding a weapon with 55 or 60 hit will be. Conversely, compared to last year, it will be significantly easier to find those hit values on Green and Blue weapons.

    Currency: Silver

    All weapons cost 1 Silver Badge.
    Color selection: Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow
    Weapon types: Saber, Handgun, Dagger, Rifle, Slicer, Shot, Partisan, Mechgun
    Special types: Berserk, Spirit, Charge, Gush, Geist, Arrest, Chaos, Demon's, Hell

    Hit Rates (55H/60H)

    Green: 60%/30%
    Blue: 40%/20%
    Purple: 20%/10%
    Red: 10%/5%
    Yellow: 4%/1%

    The Thief from Ragol
    Location: Medical Center

    Back from her misadventure in Caves, the Thief will let you gamble your Bronze Badges for exotic prizes. Her selection of items consists mostly of those available from Coren; those who trade with her may find a variety of units, armors and shields, most of which are aimed to help newer players.

    While she hasn't changed her stock since last year, she seems to be bothered by something...

    Currency: Bronze

    Common Rewards:

    Uncommon Rewards:
    Three Seals

    Rare Rewards:
    Invisible Guard
    Sacred Guard
    S-Parts ver2.01
    Honeycomb Reflector
    Hunter's Shell

    The Chef from Ragol
    Location: Medical Center

    The first of the two newcomers; the Chef is an artisan who, contrary to the other NPCs in the shop, does not accept badges for her services. Instead, she's the one offering the badges to those who can help her.

    In need of supplies to cook her bizarre meals, but not willing to go to collect them herself, the Chef offers badges in exchange for Enemy Parts. Got a couple hundred Rappy wings sitting around? Bring them to the Chef and she'll buy each one. The harder it is to acquire the resource, the more she'll pay for it.

    Currency: None

    Applicable items:
    Booma's Right Arm
    Gobooma's Right Arm
    Gigobooma's Right Arm
    Rappy's Wing
    Grass Assassin's Arms
    S-beat's Arms
    Hildebear's Head
    Hildeblue's Head
    Delsaber's Left Arm
    Delsaber's Right Arm
    P-arm's Arms
    Sinow Berill's Arms
    Belra's Right Arm
    Dragon's Claw
    S-red's Arms
    Parts of Baranz
    Bringer's Right Arm
    Sorcerer's Right Arm
    Gi Gue's body
    De Rol Le Shell
    Cladding of Epsilon

    Note: pieces of equipment made using these items are not applicable.

    The Badger
    Location: Outside the teleporter to Tyrell's Office

    The second newcomer, the Badger, was there all along. He used to hang around the bank, waiting for his friends to show up. They never did. Now he expects you to be his friend. Good luck with that.

    He's not without a purpose, however. Instead of trading up badges through the Badge Shops, the Badger will provide that service for you. He's just that nice of a guy. If you bring him 10 Bronzes, he'll give you 1 Silver, and if you bring him 10 Silvers, he'll give you 1 Gold.

    The Badger also offers a service to trade your old badges for the new badges, at a rate of 3 to 1. Don't tell the Guide though.

    The Guide
    Location: Hunter's Guild

    The Guide makes her return from last year, providing some insight into the event to players who ask. If looking up this thread every time seems tedious, seek out the Guide instead.

    Like last year, the Guide is also in charge of handing out the grand prize for players who find the coveted Platinum Badge.

    Currency: Platinum

    1 = Lavis Cannon
    1 = Sealed J-Sword
    1 = Heaven Punisher
    1 = Handgun: Guld
    1 = Psycho Wand
    1 = Prophets of Motav

    All weapons come with 0% in every category.

    Exclusive Mag Cell

    Obtainable somewhere in the Anniversary Badge Shop, you will be able to find the fabled "Stealth Kit" mag cell, a prototype mag cell created as an independent project to rival the Stealth Suit technology. The Stealth Kit will allow you to create the "Stealth" mag, an invisible mag allowing you to play without a mag, but with all the benefits.


    Availability: Use "Stealth Kit" on any non-rare mag level 50 or above.

    - 100 PB: Invincibility
    - Boss Room: Invincibility
    - 1/10 HP: Invincibility

    50% activation rate. No sync boosts.

    Note: Obtaining the Stealth Kit does not require you to spend any badges.
    Note 2: The Stealth Kit will not be obtainable after the event's conclusion through regular circumstances.

    While this particular year's event was not worked on by many people, it's still made from the hard work of the numerous people who put their work into it last year, so it would be rude not to credit them still!

    SODABOY BECAUSE HE'S ACTUALLY THE BEST. (He also did all the work for this year's Anniversary)

    Matt for creating the Maximum Attack E quests and not playing Terraria. (This year I played Switch Games, such as Bayonetta 2 and Breath of the Wild)
    Kanashimi for building the Anniversary Shop while watching shitty dubbed anime.
    tofuman for handling things on the server side and having a day job.
    XII for event coordination and generally being fat enough to cushion a fatal fall.
    emoticon for concept planning, testing, and probably contributing to Skynet.
    Ryan for concept planning, testing, and something something Sonic Mania.
    Colette for concept planning, testing, and talking mad shit about Matt.
    Agastya for concept planning and putting the fear of God into the team.
    Spuz because I just really like Spuz and want him to be on this list.
    Various People for testing the Maximum Attack E quests and providing feedback. You know who you are.

    You may direct your hate mail as you see fit.
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    yaaaaay happy 3rd anniversary everybody
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    Also yes, it's practically the same event as last year. There wasn't much reason to change things apart from a few tweaks (I'll list them a little later), and people have been busy with things like day jobs.
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    The Ephinea management team is becoming the stuff of legend.

    You folks make living in the early part of the third millennium very much so bitchin' af.

    I love you all FFFF FFFForever
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    Thank you all!

    Body parts are good ways to earn badges. I already have 1 stack+ of bronze
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    Sounds like fun!
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    I'm so absolutely ready for this!!! Thank you, team!!!
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    Thanks Event team!

    How many individual kills are needed to collect the final milestone reward? So we know what to shoot for.
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    Guildcard 2:
    thank you! looking forward to being a part of this :)
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    This would be awesome to know.

    Edit: Also when you buy from the hunter what are the % ranges? and if you gamble, do all the weapons have an equal chance of being won or are they weighted differently?
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    I'm also interested on the chances and range of hit. Trying to decide if rolling spread needles with be worth it compared to just saving for PS's.
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    Yeah I'm likely gonna wait for some info before I spend them >.>
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    So...I just went and traded up 10 3rd ann. bronze badges and he gave me a 2nd ann. silver! Is this just me?????
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    Count yourself lucky, I tried to trade up my silvers last night before the first post on forums about it :eek:.
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    Thank you!! What a fun event!
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    GREAT EFFORT Matt Matt-samas!!! You had us worried with how hectic things were on your end and others were swamped too...but you all Fought thru it All and DID NOT DISAPPOINT! *roflmfao at "Spuzzie mention" <3!* Mew has heard the masses talking and they are certainly Happy!! We even have Lost Loved ones that have returned to us! ='). CHEERS! GOOD SHOW!!!! And all that jazz! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! <3!
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    tfw 2 gold badges drop and you pick 3084 and get shit on with 5/5/0/5/0

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