3D printed PSO chess

Discussion in 'General' started by ABetc, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. ABetc

    ABetc Member

    Hey all! I didn't see a fan art section so I figure this either belongs in general or misc.

    But anyway, PSO for life! I'm new here but first played PSO in high school. I can't believe this game is still going strong all these years later. The menu music can still give me chills.

    I recently started getting into 3d sculpting and it took me way too long to realize I should model up the episode 1&2 classes. I was also playing around with another chess set idea, hence PSO chess. Looking back, I could've just done separate models of each default pose... but I can always get back to that.

    I just wanted to throw up my progress and get some feedback. Hope this looks alright!

    hunter lineup
    full classes lineup
    chess piece poses
    HUmar rough

    As you can see I went with a rough pose of all the defaults first, then tried to figure out how to arrange them in a way that would work for the chessboard. In case it's not clear (and definitely let me know if it isn't), the pieces are:

    king: HUmar/HUcast
    queen: HUnewearl/HUcaseal
    bishops: RAmar, RAmarl/RAcast, RAcaseal
    knights: FOmar, FOmarl/FOnewm, FOnewearl

    I don't have any progress on the rooks or pawns but I'm thinking:

    rooks: stack of item boxes/teleporter (or maybe telepipe)
    pawns: mags/red boxes

    That's all for now folks. I'll post more when I've got it.
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  2. spaceBORT

    spaceBORT Replicant

    wow, this is awesome. i am terrible at 3d modelling personally, so i am very impressed with your work. the HUmar (KING) looks excellent. can't wait to see your progress on this project--i will be watching this thread!
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  3. Ade

    Ade Curse Breaker

    This is so cool. I have a Super Mario Bros. chess set that I love. Sega would never make something like this and it would be amazing. Nice work!!!
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  4. ABetc

    ABetc Member

    Eh, thanks a bunch!

    I don't even play a lot of chess, although it's a great game. I just like the excuse to arrange all the characters on a board. Also, it kinda makes it all seem a little more classy, so why not!

    This progress took me a while so it's almost a shame to make it seem like I'll be able to pump this out really fast. But I am almost finished the final HUmar... so that's something. I'm still learning!
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Heavenly/Luck Staff Member

    Guildcard 2:
    I gotta say, I love how the rough models are all just normal human figures posing, and then there's RAcast. :cool:
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  6. King

    King Member

    Looking forward to seeing the end result!

    If you're looking for other ideas for pieces, how about adding various NPCs, like Principal Tyrell or Red Ring Rico?
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  7. ABetc

    ABetc Member

    Ya, RAcast looks way out of place, haha. I'm actually a bit concerned there won't be an easy way to fit him on to a chess piece without shrinking down everyone else or ignoring the right sizing. But that's a problem for later.

    And NPCs definitely crossed my mind but I wasn't sure if I wanted to break up the dream team. Maybe there could be a set for only NPCs? I feel like the tekkers need some time in the spotlight.

    I mean damn, even each level could have it's own set. The Forest alone is so iconic.

    King - Dragon (this would be pretty tough without shrinking him way down or just doing the head or something...)
    Queen - Hildebear
    Bishop - Booma (go with the classic? Could go full-on Gigobooma)
    Knight - Wolf
    Rook - Monest (maybe with the mothmants around but I could be getting crazy)
    Pawn - Rag Rappy

    Of course, this always depends on having time and patience but it's nice to dream...
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  8. ABetc

    ABetc Member

    Ok, it's been a little while but I've finally made some progress. I'm going to work on some different stuff before moving onto the next piece (HUcast) but until then, I think the HUmar turned out pretty good!

    3D modeled HUmar

    I'll post some pictures of the printed model soon. That's pretty much the best part.
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  9. maxvdub

    maxvdub Member

    rooks should be chaos bringers considering their ability to charge halfway across the world instantly (or dorphons/delbiters, same deal). humar looks great btw
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  10. Rune

    Rune Member

    good stuff
    Now I want Red Ring Rico and Heathcliff Flowen in somehow as well I feel
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  11. Wil

    Wil HUmar Scum

    I'd have thought they'd easily make king/queen.

    For Rook you should use East and West Towers. Because they're... towers.. get it? :)
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  12. ABetc

    ABetc Member

    Dam folks, I'm torn! I wish I could sculpt faster. :(

    I feel a full on ruins set coming on...

    In fact, I can already picture Chaos sorcerer as the Queen, Del Saber as the knight... Or maybe chaos bringer with the whole horse thing? Claws are the pawns, though. That's easy, haha.
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  13. Nyte

    Nyte Booma-Rang!

    Flashback Arcade
    Guildcard 2:
    Bishop should be a force. FOnm!
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  14. ABetc

    ABetc Member

    Ok, I'm back. Christmas break has given me some extra free time and HUcast wasn't as hard as I thought. Enjoy!

    3D Modeled HUcast

    I couldn't find any pictures of the back (except the low poly video game shots which weren't that much help) so I made it up. Could use a couple screws or something but I think it looks ok. I love his face though. So sharp and robotic.

    Next are those dangerous hunter ladies. Fingers crossed their delicate deadliness isn't something too tough to model.
  15. Spencer Brezlin

    Spencer Brezlin The Real Brezlin For Prezlin

    I tried to make a Brez figure out of ramen noodles and dried macaroni noodles (like a youtubes- "How To" video), but when i opened the seasoning packets.. The smell lit up my nose like Monterrey Jack from rescue rangers and I lost all self control and ate it. Now I have to replace some drywall I smashed through....
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