1. Laluden3

    New and Returning Player

    Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good day. I played PSO a long time ago when i was a kid on the gamecube with my siblings. Had this sudden urge to play again and I stumbled upon this server. I’m really excited to start playing again after so long!
  2. Pear Into Peaches

    Wish I’d found this server, first!

    Hello, All! Played on GameCube: Excited to join a new server. I played on Ultima, but mods overlook trolling and harassment; time for a new PSO home! See you on Ragol.
  3. Aphrodite

    Hey there!

    Hey folks, nice to meet you all! I've returned to PSO, and have been having a great time! Ephinea's community has been so lively, amiable, and helpful in game. I joined the discord server, and I figured it couldn't hurt to peek at the forums too! I'm a pink/black/white HUcaseal named Lotus...
  4. L

    New to Ephinea, looking for a HC team

    Hello all, I'm new to Ephinea and since starting, HC has really appeased to me and I'm thinking about playing that way exclusively. If there are any HC teams looking for a new member to hunt with I'd be glad to join. Being new, I currently only have a lvl 54 ramar. Happy Hunting
  5. S

    Semi new, hello all.

    Hello everyone. I don't know much about PSO Episodes 1,2, or 4. I had Episode 3 on the gamecube as a child, but was never able to play it online, Looking forward to starting and seeing how the game is. btw is there a story mode in BB? I have heard mixed answers, so just thought i would ask...
  6. Gengarr

    A pretty late introduction..

    Hi, I've actually been playing on Ephinea for about a month now or so and I never formally introduced myself here, so here's my late introduction. I'm 19 y/o and my name is Blake (pretty far below the average age of players on here I assume), and I came to Ephinea because I have been...
  7. SunnyOsRego

    Feels good to jump in!

    Just started yesterday. I made a room called "Noob" and I was quickly joined by a Marl and Tgwizby. We all started at level 1. Marl knew what they were doing, but they were a FoNewearl and thus died a few times. Tgwizby was a HuMar but was new to the game so was also dying. I started up a RaCast...
  8. G

    Looking for team

    Hello. My 3 friends and I are just starting off on this server and are all looking for a team with space for all 4 of us. The hope is that it already has dressing room unlocked or is working on it, and that they have patience in us leveling and working our way up. Thank you for your time reading...
  9. pso_zet

    Team Pristine! [CLOSING]

    Hello all! Former Phantasy Star General (PSG) Co-captain here... I present to you... Team Pristine on PSO! We are a small team dedicated to giving newbies a place to start while at the same time slowly climbing the team rankings to get special bonuses. We will also be doing fun events like...
  10. S

    Some questions from a new player

    Hey guys. So as you can read above, im new to Ephinea and got some questions regarding the server. I played on schtserv like 1 year ago and played on my GC long before that. I love Phantasy Star Online and I am really excited to play with other people instead of my own. Okey so lets...