1. FOmarl meme

    FOmarl meme

    "Why no one pick me? :("
  2. brnnub

    A> Diska of Braveman [Berserk] [90/0/0/0|0] (Done @ 10PD)

    Ladies & gents, today we have a certified BOOMA SLAYER up for auction. Want to take the first step into the craft of Booma Slaying? Want to slay Hilde(bears/ts/tors) before they have the chance to pounce on you across the room? Want to make everything in Forest 1 & 2 tremble under your hands...
  3. Old Dark Flow Resta meme

    Old Dark Flow Resta meme

    haha I wrote words on the picture so funny haha XDXDDDDDDDDD
  4. Loudest Sounds Meme

    Loudest Sounds Meme

    Give me more mem
  5. FeelsRappyMan


    Stolen from NDW
  6. Give it up

    Give it up

    shamelessly stolen from
  7. Friendship ended with LAVIS CANNON - Now EXCALUBUR is my best friend

    Friendship ended with LAVIS CANNON - Now EXCALUBUR is my best friend

    Everything changed when the episode IV drop chart nation attacked.
  8. honeydrew

    Green Ring: How to get, why to use

    selling Accessories for 1pd if you just want to skip the ttf part. in stock: 10+ if you need help turning an Accessories into a Green Ring in RT, let me know! are you a huney/humar/force and tired of having the worst ATA in the game? not level 180 yet? are you hucasts and caseals unable to...
  9. Add Phot

    Add Phot

    addition photon % weight patterns for special weapons
  10. rich

    Add Mats to map

    Mats are definitely more than worth to pick up, but after a big extermination room it's annoying to sift through all the green boxes to pick up a couple power mats. So annoying that sometimes I just don't feel like it and skip them. Also, this is anecdotal but I had a run yesterday where a Luck...
  11. honeydrew

    BPD Revised

    my proposition: remove the collectibles that only have collectible value from BPD. users want BPD's extense of accessibility for useful items, and collectors want exclusivity of useless totally cool collectibles. this will not hinder accessibility of useful weapons (sange&yasha, orotiagito) to...
  12. honeydrew

    PSOBB: Complete Damage Analysis by Honeydrew

    helo i made dis this is used to determine pretty much every possible damage value. it is a tool designed to compare combos and weapons against each other and therefore optimize on damage. i started making it to accurately compare 100h vulcans against 50h cvulcs (tl;dr obviously cvulcs are...
  13. honeydrew

    [closed] A>bunch of old summer badges

    824 bronze, 131 silver, 45 gold 60h weps still a possibility bois ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) starting bid is 130pds CHB: Jbangalangalangalangala 130pds
  14. RAcl CK Meme

    RAcl CK Meme

    My life on Ephinea


    A new avatar I made for myself of Sato シャト doing the [intensify] meme thingamajig.
  16. Yueru

    Yueru's Shitlist {Updated 4/8/17}

    I know that a lot of my items are garbage If you would like to purchase any items please let me know which one and your in game name! Also, if the item's price is not listed it is free! Thank you! Weapons: RA Weapons: HU Weapons: FO weapons: Armor: Frames: Shields: Units...
  17. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)