selling Accessories for 1pd if you just want to skip the ttf part. in stock: 10+
if you need help turning an Accessories into a Green Ring in RT, let me know!

are you a huney/humar/force and tired of having the worst ATA in the game? not level 180 yet? are you hucasts and caseals unable to afford sparts? well i have some news for you!

from the wiki:

Green Ring is a rare barrier that grants extra ATA if other players in the vicinity are also wearing a Green Ring. For each other player within 5 meters wearing a Green Ring, +10 ATA will be granted. This means that if all four players in a party are wearing Green Rings within 5 meters of each other, each player will gain 30 ATA.

you can use the Green Ring as early as level 81 and on any class! this can really help supplement the lack of good barriers for huneys/humars/forces pre-Red Ring. and you can get a Green Ring as fast as 20 minutes, easy! it works on normal mode too :)

how get:

first you have to find a partner of the opposite sex. not for sex, that's totally optional (note that flirting with your Love Check partner is mandatory, however). go to Towards the Future (worth doing in normal difficulty, can get kinda hard on Ult) and talk to the FOmarl by the bank. she will give the room leader a Love Code. go and kill everything in Forest, then hit the button in the first room. from there on, finish the quest while staying very very close to each other. straying too far apart will fail the quest. its best to do this slowly, and have one lead and one follow. try not to use melee weapons (or slicer, or cards i guess) too much as they cause you to move. a Raygun will do you fine for this. (note: this can be done any number of times per character to obtain Accessories, and these can be given to other characters to trade for a green ring, though the trade can only be done once per character)

once you defeat dark falz and go back to the city, if you stayed close enough together for the whole run, the Love Check will finish and you can each talk to the FOmarl to get an Accessories item. with the Accessories item in your inventory, go to Respective tomorrow (any difficulty, episode 2) and defeat Olga Flow. once back in the lab, talk to the assistant to the right of the warp to Pioneer 2 to trade one Accessories to her for a Green Ring! congrats! go ahead and use it all the time now :rolleyes:

why use:

there just arent a lot of good shields for some classes to use. rangers have it easy with Ranger Wall, but not all hucasts and hucaseals have access to an S-Parts and the other classes just dont have anything so great for barriers. the collest part is that if you do a little organizing with a team, you can get +30 ATA from this if everyone is standing close together (a little closer than base Resta range). it's not always going to be that good of course but its a hell of a lot better than Resta Merge.

but drew, i'm a Red Ring user/ranger with ranger wall or huct/l with sparts. why do i want this?

i'm glad you asked buddy! see, 15 ata is great. 20 ata is wonderful. but for the rest of your team that doesnt have access to such privileges, you would really be doing them a favor by using green ring! youll almost always have at least +20 ata if everyone in the party is cooperating, and if you have a really cooperative party youll get +30! even if you dont always get more ata than your other barrier, it really is helping out the less able ones in your team a lot when you use this instead. surely the strong can help out the weak if its just a little bit, right? ;)

i have a set of green rings for my hunewearl and all 4 of my forces and i'll see you all in pubs :p

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not for sex, that's totally optional. :wacko:

why use:

Because it's green.