dark flow

  1. Spuz

    A> Dark Flow [30/40/0/0|60] [DONE]

    CHB: @ChiveyX w/51pds Reserve: 50 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: 16/05/2022 @17:23 (UTC) Reset CD: 24hr from bid: If not pds, wants are as follows:
  2. Spuz

    A> Dark Flow [0/0/50/50|50] [DONE]

    Perfect RL First DF CHB: @TheWombat w/52pds Reserve: 50 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: Reset CD: 24hr from bid: 04/05/2022 @13:13 (UTC) If not pds, wants are as follows:
  3. RazakelKairo

    PDA>Dark Flow [0/15/0/50|60] (closed)

    A nice starter DF to accompany a N/M DF. The hit can matter for dark enemies and AB are collectively not impressive enough to warrant RL variants. Reliable and cheap. CHB: 50 by DarkDewolf Auction Start: 21-4-2022 19:45 Netherlands (UTC+2) Auction Resets: n/a (closed) Countdown: 48h Resets...
  4. Spuz

    A>Dark Flow [0/30/0/35|70] [DONE]

    CHB: @RazakelKairo w/ 400pds Reserve: 100pds Initial CD: 48hr from bid: Reset CD: 24hr from bid: 19/04/22 - @22:49 (UTC) If not pds, wants are as follows:
  5. Piv

    PDA> Spirit Calibur (0/0/40/0|60) [Closed]

    CHB: Dr.Psycho 25PD 48 hours Countdown 24 hours reset
  6. 2PercentNate

    A> Calibur [Geist] [0/0/0/45|80] • CHB: 1511 (CLOSED)

    Res: 400pd Countdown: 48hrs Resets: 24hrs Additional accepted currency: Photon Crystal - 1pd Photon Sphere - 95pd Wants: Red Ring - (value depends on stats) Gifoie lv30 - 250pd Adept - 40pd Rambling May 30H - 30pd Cannon Rouge 30H - 35pd Lame/Excalibur 20H - (value depends on stats) v502 -...
  7. RoySilverblade

    PDA>Dark Flow 0/30/0/45|65 (Closed for 110pd)

    Reserve: 99 PDs Countdown: 48 hours Resets: 24 hours
  8. Firkraag

    A> Dark Flow [0/0/100/100|70] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 750 pd Reserve: 674 pd Countdown: 36 Hours Buyout: 751 pd
  9. beev

    Calibur +7 [King's][35/0/0/0|75] !!! 75 HIT !!! DONE @ 687 pds

    Get your new DF fodder here!! Remove the King with your PGF and let the DARKNESS FLOW :mad: Initial Countdown 48 hours 24 hour resets with new CHB in final 24hrs RESERVE - 495 pd's Wants: PD's / PH's PS @ 95pd each Charge Vulcan 65+ hit (65H @ 600pds) Charge Arms 70+ hit Beserk Arms 75+...
  10. Forsaken16

    PDA - Varista [0/0/0/0|60] CHB - 2 PD (DONE)

    48 Hours starts one minimum bid has been reached. 24 Resets 2 PD Minimum Varista [Seize] [0/0/0/0|60] Good Luck and happy bidding!
  11. Forsaken16

    PDA - RL Dark Flow Set CHB 90 - DONE

    48 Hours 24 Hour Resets Minimum Bid - 90 PD Will Accept Pds, PC's 1:1 & meseta 500k:1 pd Dark Flow [50/0/0/50|50] Dark Flow [0/50/50/0|50] 48 hours will start once minimum bid is received. will restart every 24 hours after a new bid is placed until a winner. Thank you and happy biddding!
  12. Hollow

    A> 0/0/0/25/80h Tempest Calibur (done)

    Reserve: 600 of value Countdown: 72 hours Wants: 30+ hit HS with either m/d or n/d (or room for) 30+ hit Dark Excalibur 35+ hit Cannon Rouge 40+ hit Frozen Shooter 40+ hit Snow Queen 25+ hit Milla 40+ hit Yasminkov9000M 50 hit Baranz (m/d if sphered) 50 hit Bringer's Rifle 60 hit Charge Arms...
  13. M

    B> PGF

    PM if you have one to sell. Thank you.
  14. phelix

    A> Dark Flow [0/0/70/30|70] (Done - 466pd)

    MD! Half sphered! Gives HUcast 100% accuracy on Epsilon, frozen Delbiter, Astark, Gibbles, Gi Gue, arrested Dorphon, and Morfos! Gives HUcaseal over 90% accuracy on dropping Sinows! It's even worth swinging at frozen Ill Gills!! 48h initial, 24h resets Res: 150pd Wants: PDs Spheres @ 99 up to...
  15. Old Dark Flow Resta meme

    Old Dark Flow Resta meme

    haha I wrote words on the picture so funny haha XDXDDDDDDDDD
  16. NDW

    A>Dark Flow Set [50/50/0/0|50] & [0/0/50/50|50] (CLOSED)

    Auctioning the following: Dark Flow [50/50/0/0|50] (60 PD reserve) Dark Flow [0/0/50/50|50] (60 PD reserve) You may bid on either item or both items at the same time. 72 hour countdown once reserve(s) have been met. Good luck!
  17. NDW

    B>Dark Flow Set (Native & A.Beast + Machine & Dark)

    Dark Flow 50/50/0/0|50 Dark Flow 0/0/50/50|50 Trading one PGF and 10 PD's per Dark Flow. Or 10 PD's if you have Calibur(s) with exact stats I am looking for.