Calibur +7 [King's][35/0/0/0|75] !!! 75 HIT !!! DONE @ 687 pds


Mag maker

Get your new DF fodder here!!
Remove the King with your PGF and let the DARKNESS FLOW :mad:

Initial Countdown 48 hours
24 hour resets with new CHB in final 24hrs

RESERVE - 495 pd's

PD's / PH's
PS @ 95pd each

Charge Vulcan 65+ hit (65H @ 600pds)
Charge Arms 70+ hit
Beserk Arms 75+ hit
Heaven Striker 35+ hit with Dark / Machine or clean?

Barranz launcher [0/0/100/100|50] @ 675
Barranz launcher [100/100/0/0|50] @ 650
Barranz pricing is reflective of the fact that I'm in no rush to get them, they will be gladly excepted though ;)

I'm mostly interested in Ra weaponry but could be interested in other things? Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
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