1. brnnub

    A> Calibur 40-0-25-0 | 70H [Finished @ 180 PD]

    Reserve 125 PD 48 hour countdown 24 hour resets Thanks!
  2. Elazul

    A> Closed

    I realize the res bid on my last one was a bit high so here is a take two on my 70Hit Calibur Auction Res bid is starting at 175 Min bid is 5 pds Reset is 24 hours Auction will be 72 hours starting now
  3. Elazul


    Dropped this morning and looking to make some PDS. Res bid is at 300pds. Min Bid 5pds Reset 24hours. Auction time is 72 hours, starting at 4:10 P.M. PDT
  4. JJ-RA

    A> Charge Calibur+6 80H! (30,0,0,0[80]) CHB800 DONE

    Reserve::750pd Countdown::48 hours resets:24hr Minimum bid Increments: +5 Value. I'm in UTC+9. Wants: Dress Plate - 25pd Adept - 35pd [x2] Prophets of Motav-150 hs35hit 600pds+hs40hit 1000+pds(x/0/x/0) or(0/x/0/x)
  5. brnnub

    S> RL (DF Set/Calibur), 70h Calibur, 25H/15H HS, Demon Mechs, etc.

    S-RANK MECHGUN DEMONS [Demons] - 80 Dark Flow [0/50/0/50|50] - 55 Heaven Striker +20 [Berserk] [0/15/15/0|15] - 20 Arms +10 [Charge] [0/0/0/0|55] - 10 Lavis Cannon [0/50/25/35|0] - 10 Calibur [Arrest] [0/50/0/50|50] - 5 Slicer of Fanatic [Demon's] [0/0/0/0|15] - 3 SOLD: Calibur +4...
  6. Spekkio

    A> Calibur 0/0/0/50/70 [closed]

    Originally posted in the wrong sub-form so just leaving a link here: Thanks.
  7. Brvcx

    A> King's Calibur +7 25/0/30/0|100 [Closed at 3501]

    Alright, after calming down and joking around on Discord after finding this very unexpected drop, it's time to talk business. After consoling similar threads I'm going to list it the following: Res: 3500 PDs Countdown: 72h Reset: 48h Timezone: UTC+02 I'll also supply a list of my current...
  8. Spuz

    A> 60h Cal Set [DONE]

    Calibur +5 [Geist] [25/0/0/30|60] Calibur +4 [Dark] [0/35/0/0|60] Start your DF journey today! CHB: @Tsume w/8pds Reserve: 5 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: 27/06/22 @20:45 (UTC) Reset CD: 24hr from bid: If not pds, wants are as follows:
  9. Spuz

    A> Calibur [Berserk] [50/0/50/0|50] [DONE]

    CHB: @Star_Magician w/2pds Reserve: 1 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: Reset CD: 24hr from bid: 11/06/22 @10:56 (UTC) If not pds, wants are as follows:
  10. Spuz

    A> Calibur +1 [Soul] [65/0/0/40|55] [DONE]

    Slightly better than an RL calibur: +5h, -10d, +15n, would make a great 1st DF. CHB: @Zhodoa w/10pds Reserve: 5 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: Reset CD: 24hr from bid: 31/05/22 @11:58 (UTC) If not pds, wants are as follows:
  11. Spuz

    A> Dark Flow [0/0/50/50|50] [DONE]

    Perfect RL First DF CHB: @TheWombat w/52pds Reserve: 50 Initial CD: 48hr from bid: Reset CD: 24hr from bid: 04/05/2022 @13:13 (UTC) If not pds, wants are as follows:
  12. Firkraag

    A> Dark Flow [100/100/0/0|75] + [0/0/100/100|85] [Sold]

    Sold! for 3385 pd Reserve: 1 pd Countdown: 72 Hours Reset: 48 Hours Min Bid Increment: +3% Wants: Any item that's easy to auction @ 85% market value. The Vjaya's were one thing, but they were bought while these Caliburs were found by me, the very rare occurrences of my good RNG. They are...
  13. Firkraag

    A> Calibur [35/0/0/40|60] [Sold]

    Sold! For 23 pd Reserve: 10 pd Countdown: 24h
  14. Piv

    PDA> Spirit Calibur (0/0/40/0|60) [Closed]

    CHB: Dr.Psycho 25PD 48 hours Countdown 24 hours reset
  15. RoySilverblade

    PDA>Dark Flow 0/30/0/45|65 (Closed for 110pd)

    Reserve: 99 PDs Countdown: 48 hours Resets: 24 hours
  16. Spuz

    A> Spirit Calibur 60h [CLOSED]

    Clean Stats CHB: @RUGAL19 w/ 1pd, 13/03/21 @8'11pm (GMT) 48 cd after first bid 24 cd after that Reserve: 1pd
  17. Firkraag

    A> Calibur [0/0/25/85|50] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 25 pd i mean it is a net of 10 stats over RL? - Roy Damn boi 85 Dark not bad - Artzaint lol - JC Reserve: 13 pd Countdown: 36 Hours
  18. phelix

    Calibur [0/45/0/45|65] (Done 40pd)

    Quite a bit more accurate than RL! Already half sphered! Res: 20pd 24h countdown Sold to Yuffie, ty everybody!
  19. Firkraag

    A> Calibur [45/0/0/0|65] [SOLD]

    SOLD! for 25 pd Reserve: 25 pd Countdown: 24 Hours Meseta 500K:1 Gold Badge 1:1 Silver Badge 10:1
  20. Hollow

    A> 0/0/0/25/80h Tempest Calibur (done)

    Reserve: 600 of value Countdown: 72 hours Wants: 30+ hit HS with either m/d or n/d (or room for) 30+ hit Dark Excalibur 35+ hit Cannon Rouge 40+ hit Frozen Shooter 40+ hit Snow Queen 25+ hit Milla 40+ hit Yasminkov9000M 50 hit Baranz (m/d if sphered) 50 hit Bringer's Rifle 60 hit Charge Arms...