1. Spuz

    2c4 EXP broken.

    Was playing this stage with Paganini + Pdxdash, and about 17minutes into the stage we realized we were getting no EXP from the enemies. (The purple text appears but the characters didn't gain any). We tried this with different hosts and remade to test the game was not bugged alone. Tried other...
  2. xDaenii

    MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll not found

    I bought a pc recently and decided to come see what's happening here but I came to this problem while going through stuff
  3. S

    Weird Keyboard Issue

    I'm having a weird keyboard issue where my keystrokes aren't being registered when I'm trying to chat. I can use the keyboard normally while in the lobby or in a game to bring up menus and commands, but when I try to talk to someone, nothing happens. Cursor is brought up, but nothing happens...
  4. Joestar

    Target system broken.

    Just did my 1st TTF run-though and rip got to de rol and I couldn't hit, nothing was targeting. Eventually I noticed De Rol was in two bodies? on my mini-map. Hell it was so bizarre so I had to attack the target behind with a slicer to kill him. Then a few other enemies had targets in places...