Magatama Beta 9

a Modern Mag Planner/Calculator made by Aether89 [ WIP ]

  1. [ Beta 9 CHANGE LOG ]

    [ Features ]
    • Contextual Menu to increase or decrease by 6 set value, by default the value are 5,10.25,100,250 or 1000 but can be changed in the settings.
    • Added Contextual Menu for the Quantity and Stats to allow to immediately set the value to 3, maximum,half the maximum or zero.
    • Added a progress Bar that display when Mass Feeding and can decide in Settings the minimum value needed to trigger the loading bar.
    • On Level Up display the current new stats.
    • Can change the color of the level up message.
    • Can change the color of the Stats progress bars.
    • Can change the color of the Stats that show after level up in Output.
    • Can Change the Maximum Value for the item Qty in the Settings menu
    • In settings show a warning before saving that for change to take effect need to reload or start a new mag.

    [ Fixed ]
    • Remember the path of a file when opening a save.
    • Now possible to change the string for the level up
    • Updated the Credits
    • Increased the Max value for Total Cost to be at it Maximum
    • can now edit the text in the menu
    • Can edit the Text and color of the tab in Settings
    • Fixed the issue of the next items being black after opening a save, previous method only worked for undo and redo.
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