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    How do /you/ control this game personally?

    It probably doesn't make any sense, but that's just how I feel about it. Weirdly it's not even a nostalgia thing, since originally I played on the Gamecube and joysticks were all I had. Maybe it's possible, but I could never figure out how to turn in place without moving using a joystick, and...
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    What are you listening to?

    I've recently discovered "electro swing" music, which is basically 1940s swing with modern trappings. I expected it to be a bunch of junky remixes at first, but there are actually a ton of original songs and they flippin' rock.
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    Post the last photo, gif or video that made you laugh too hard

    It appears the American WoodEch moonlights as a backup singer.
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    Unable to start game from launcher

    That did it, thanks. I added the EphineaPSO folder as an exclusion to my antivirus software and I was able to copy the pat file and restore the exe.
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    Unable to start game from launcher

    Hey everyone, I'm running the Ephinea Launcher v1.0, and weirdly I have been able to play the game since the last time I updated. Now, the launcher comes up normally, but the Start Game button does nothing. It still highlights black when I mouse over it, but clicking it doesn't close the...
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    Quantum Break coming to PC

    I make it a point to not preorder anything anymore, but this does look pretty good. Alan Wake was great, so I do have some faith that this will be good. I'm still not going to preorder, but I'll keep an eye on this. I could use a good story-based shooter.
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    Valentines Day

    None of us can ever truly be forever alone here, because: That being said... I will probably just be sitting here, playing this damn game and perhaps eating a pizza.
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    Exp sharing

    I think it might be nice to have below Ultimate difficulty, as others have suggested. As it stands you get full exp for landing the killing blow, and somewhere in the range of 70-80% exp for tagging. I certainly wouldn't object to something like 50% exp for just being in the same room when...
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    Item of the "Week": Master Raven

    Now that you say it, I gotta be that guy... I don't really like demon weapons, just aesthetically at least. And not even just in PSO. It kind of annoys me how the best equipment in a lot of RPGs is made out of "evil stuff," i.e. Daedric in The Elder Scrolls. Most of the time it gets to the...
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    What's the story behind your name?

    Behold, the most most cringe-inducingly 2008 video that ever did 2008: (go to 7:50 if it doesn't start there)
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    Quick question - Quick answer

    How do percentages for combined weapons work? Are they combined? Does it take the maximum from either item? Random? Always 0?
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    Will the other Music Discs be made available?

    You mean you actually want to listen to something other than Burning Rangers on infinite repeat until doomsday?
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    Quick question - Quick answer

    For the Black Paper Deal quests, if you want something that's on the reward list for Normal mode (i.e. Last Swan), is it to your advantage to play the quest on Normal since you won't have a chance of getting other higher difficulty items? Or will the item be "better" if you earn it on a higher...
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    Quick question - Quick answer

    Do unspent gallon points carry over between sessions, or do you have to earn enough in one go if you want something? Also is it a total waste of my time getting these things at all?