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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by GospelEXE, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Kamui

    Kamui S.

    Awesome game so far, I'm really happy that Suzuki pretty much ignored the gaming trends of the past years and stayed true to Shenmue's playstyle.
    Imagine what he could've done with a proper budget... :eek:
    But again, I'm totally happy with the game, it's so absorbing. :D
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  2. VilleHIM

    VilleHIM Member

    I've run into a few minor glitches, and one potentially bad UI glitch, but other than that I'm really enjoying it too. I see so many people complain about it, but I'm sure anyone that has genuinely been waiting is enjoying it. To me it feels like Shenmue, and more than anything else that's what I wanted. I see people complain that the Bailu part is slow, but you could pretty much see that coming with the end of Shenmue 2. I feel that slow walk with Shenhua was hinting at what was next, so I was expecting a slow start. I do prefer the old fighting system, and I liked not having to deal with the whole stamina system, but I'm getting used to it. It's essentially an indie game with that budget, but it doesn't seem like it. It does feel like a much older game, which is perfectly fine with me because I like that he did ignore so many of the more modern trends.

    My biggest complaints so far are probably minor things, things like lack of options for example. The option to skip spoken dialogue but still get the subtitles would have been nice. I miss how you could customize whether the analog stick or d-pad was for movement. An option for sensitivity would have been nice for the right stick too since a lot of times I feel the camera is too slow. I'm probably just old and my reflexes are bad, but I feel the QTE speed is a little too fast. The lack of Sega games hurts a little for me, which I don't get why there aren't any, especially when the Sega name is all over the place and there are even posters for Sega games. Finally I would have to take points off (if I was scoring it anyway lol) for the glitches. Again they aren't really game breaking, though that UI glitch can really get in the way, but I have to be fair and see everything as a total package and for me no matter how big or small the problems are they should impact the overall score.

    And I'm rambling, but it's about Shenmue so I don't care. :D:p
  3. Bonesy

    Bonesy it me

    Arid Zone
    Pokemon Shield, Dragon Quest XI, and maybe still Xenoblade 2
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  4. .Kuja

    .Kuja Member

    I was absent from Ephinea almost all 2019 mainly because i bought a new PC and tried games i couldn't run before in my already short spare time. So this is my after math:

    FFXV: It's beautiful: Early into the game you get to an hotel located at a pier and the view is just gorgeous, i felt like just walking and staring at the surroundings. Sadly, the game lacks open world content and "weight", most things outside the main quest feel irrelevant. Its strong point i'd say is the interactions between the protagonists because they nailed the atmosphere of traveling with a group of friends and you feel accompanied. Honorable mention to the OST, i was impressed by Yoko Shimomura.

    The Witcher 3:
    Here i found the open world content i so missed on FFXV, and leaving aside the absurd amount of treasures in the sea of Skellige, the quality is great. The characters in their integrity are really well done (voice acting, aesthetic, movements, development). Its expansion, Hearts of Stone, introduced the first videogame villain in a while that i actually feared. I feel biased about this game because i really like the books, but exactly for that reason i can recommend it: the stories about Geralt of Rivia are worth the time, more if the game is as well crafted as this one.

    Heavensward (first expansion) is gorgeous. As for the main game, if i as a devot FF fan had to endure the slow pace, i can already imagine how fast neutral people will be spamming the skip button. This game takes a lot of time to get interesting. I did notice the dungeons are well designed and although i'm not that into "late game" yet, it seems like the multiplayer PVE aspect is quite worth. Play it with friends, or look for friends in there.

    I'm impressed. I was reluctant to play this game because i didn't want to disappoint myself after so many people praised it, but it deserves that praise. An ingenious game and apparently the masterwork of a versatile and talented young person and a handful of collaborators. An entertaining, self-aware, nostalgic, active, well paced and enjoyable game.

    Hollow Knight: My very first games were Tetris and Sonic The Hedgehog, but it was with the GBA that i really started to get into gaming. So when they call Hollow Knight a Metroidvania and i grew up exploring Dracula's castle in Aria of Sorrow and fleeing from the SA-X in Metroid Fusion, i felt at home. This game is awesome, challenging and they added pretty much everything a "metroidvania" needs to be worthy of that name. It will challenge even the most skilled players: I consider myself slightly above average in this genre, but even if you are a pro there is something here waiting to kick your ass, or at least make you sweat.
  5. simplify

    simplify Member

    Last game I played before getting back on PSOBB was Pokemon Sword. Played it just enough to fill my side of the Pokedex. Missing shield Pokemon only. ;(

    That, and Overwatch quick play mode. (Please don't hurt me)
  6. Blues22475

    Blues22475 Big Bang Strike!

    I've been Playing Final Fantasy XIV (14)...alot. So much so I haven't gotten back on PSOBB lately to play the learn the new Hunewearl I just started playing.

    Also been playing Smash Ultimate on the side. May start playing Pokemon Sword soon (depending if i have time or not).
  7. Diverity

    Diverity Member

    I started FFXIV myself a few months ago (~4ish) and already have 500 hours clocked. Really fun game. Just finished the Heavensward patch, but now I think I'm going to go back to working on the PvP mounts for Frontline. Got all of the Shadowbringer PvP glam sets already, and they all look great.
    Other than that, I have added a handful of mods on Skyrim for another playthrough, and recently I setup my Wii so I can play PSO online for GC servers.
  8. Bonesy

    Bonesy it me

    Arid Zone
    i now own world of final fantasy, tales of vesperia (can't DL it until the 8th or so tho), guacamelee 2, mario + rabbids, and digimon story cyber sleuth complete
  9. Diverity

    Diverity Member

    Digimon Cyber Sleuth is a pretty neat game, got it a few months back on PS4 a few days before they announced the collection for PC sadly.
  10. StreetFighter2242

    StreetFighter2242 New player. (To PSO)

    Detroit, Michigan
    I've been playing a lot of SMT Strange Journey Redux lately...
  11. Mr. Com

    Mr. Com Common Villager

  12. Talisien

    Talisien Member

    Northern California
    I've been dragging out some old-school stuff myself... Sort of, lol. I've been playing the randomizers for Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Warrior, Pokemon Fire Red, Shining In The Darkness, Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star IV, and Super Metroid. Also, the vanilla version of Might & Magic II for the Sega Genesis, as that game is so deep you can put YEARS into it without mastering every aspect of it.
  13. Verkins

    Verkins CAST

    On weekends I mostly play Pokemon Sword, Phantasy Star Online 2, Monster Hunter World Iceborne, and Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

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