T> HU Gear for 45H+ FS/SQ++ [CLOSED]


Note! I'm NOT interested in selling for pd's!

For reasons I am now looking to potentially transition back to RAmarl, that is assuming I am able to lock in some key items for her through trade.

I've managed to gather some pretty good HU gear in 2020 and these would all be up for trade towards the items I need. Once I start breaking up my HU kit for this initial trade the rest would all be sold, traded or auctioned in one way or another.

This remains an open offer, until someone tempts me with enough high end RA gear.
Vjaya [100/100/0/0|75]
Vjaya [0/0/100/100|90]
Dark Flow [100/100/0/0|75]
Dark Flow [0/0/100/100|85]
Raygun [Charge] [100/0/0/100|95]
Diska [Charge] [0/75/75/0|75]

Jizai [0/0/0/100|35]
Red Sword [0/0/0/0|55]
Lavis Blade [0/0/0/0|20]

D-Parts ver1.01 [10/10 | 7/7]
S-Parts ver2.01 [7/7 | 7/7]
Thirteen [8/8 | 8/8]
Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou [10/10 | 10/10]
200,000,000 Meseta

45H+ Frozen Shooter
I will not consider a trade without one of these, but it's also not enough without some of the items below.

75H+ Charge/Zerk Arms
50H+ Snow Queen
40H+ Heaven Striker (N/D)
45H+ Cannon Rouge (AB/D)
35H+ Excalibur (N)
45H+ Tyrell's Parasol
Clean with hit% Heaven Punisher
50H Holy Ray (Event)
50H N/M + AB/D Baranz Launcher
+Other RA items
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