1. brnnub

    A> TypeRI/Rifle [Hell] - [DONE @ 8]

    Got this in a present and its going to one of you. Res: 1PD CD: 48h Reset: 24h ty :)
  2. Brvcx

    A>Ranger/RAmar starter kit [SOLD: 70]

    Ever thought about starting a ranger, specifically a RAmar? This is the kit I used when I first started, only to realise what I already knew once again, I prefer HU's/FO's personally. So I'm putting this up for grabs. Only thing missing from my starter kit is a 50h Baranz Launcher, but a friend...
  3. Firkraag

    T> HU Gear for 45H+ FS/SQ++ [CLOSED]

    Note! I'm NOT interested in selling for pd's! For reasons I am now looking to potentially transition back to RAmarl, that is assuming I am able to lock in some key items for her through trade. I've managed to gather some pretty good HU gear in 2020 and these would all be up for trade towards...
  4. Firkraag

    Ranger Equips [CLOSED]

    CLOSED! Please visit my regular trade list here! [/spoiler]
  5. brnnub

    Laser +2 [Demon's] [40/0/0/85|40] (Closed)

    closed due to lack of interest. its going to the shop :lenny:
  6. majinToorah

    majinToorah's Boutique

    I will update with prices as I learn them. Feel free to message me offers as long as you're not trying to pull my leg :wacko: *I’m also open to trades, even for the 30 hit Cannon Rouge if the trade is fair. Looking for stuff that would be good for a Hunter/HUmar* Cannon Rouge 0/0/0/30/30 - 95...
  7. Lunabot

    Baranz Launcher MEGATHREAD

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Baranz Launcher MEGATHREAD, a discussion thread for all things Baranz, Garanz, and Baranz Launcher! In this thread we can discuss our favorite enemy from the No Man's Mines of Pioneer 1 on Ragol, and the weapon we can create from his rare drop. Here are some...
  8. Avenger

    AVG PD-Shop

    Hi there fellows, Im selling some stuff that I dont need since I'm saving my pd´to improve my equips Special weps: Hunter: Durandal (1pd) Dragon Slayer (30%hit) (1pd) Bloody art (10%hit) (1pd) Diska of braveman ( 5%/5%/10%0%/0%) (1pd) Demolition comet (1pd) Musashi +25 (1pd) Yamato (1pd)...