Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Baranz Launcher MEGATHREAD, a discussion thread for all things Baranz, Garanz, and Baranz Launcher! In this thread we can discuss our favorite enemy from the No Man's Mines of Pioneer 1 on Ragol, and the weapon we can create from his rare drop.

Here are some factoids about "Parts of Baranz", the item used to create "Baranz Launcher":
  • On Episode 1, it drops from Baranz on section IDs Viridia, Greenill, Purplenum, Pinkal, and Whitill.
  • On Episode 2, it drops from Baranz on section IDs Pinkall, and Whitill.
  • Whitill gets Baranz Launcher from both Episode 1 and Episode 2 Baranz.
**(Previously, this thread stated that on Episode I it dropped from Yellowboze, but the loot table has since changed the drops to Pinkal. Likewise, Bluefull no longer sees "Parts of Baranz" drops in Episode II.)

Now, I'll start our discussion off with a bang:

Baranz have blue armor plating, yet the weapon "Baranz Launcher", constructed using "Parts of Baranz", has a green paint job. Is this a mistake on Sega's part, or was this intentional all along? Note that there is no "Garanz Launcher". Personally, I would prefer the weapon have a blue and orange coating, as opposed to its Garanz-themed green and orange paint job. Thoughts?
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You can get a Blue skin for it somewhere. But personally the green looks better. I think I'd prefer black or white with orange.
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Friendly reminder that Ra are only able to handle the girth of one part of Baranz, its girth is unreal
Thought I would update this Baranz thread (<3) to say that "Parts of Baranz" no longer drops from Yellowboze in Episode 1, but instead from Pinkal. And also that it no longer drops from Bluefull in Episode 2.

If anyone wants to change to blue baranz's launcher it's really easy just download AFSmanager and download the afp file of the baranz's launcher and follow the simple instructions, it should only take a few minutes.

Link for AFSmanager, Instructions and afp skin files.
Ephinea also has the ability to individually apply texture patch files without messing about with AFSmanager, applying patches, etc. I've attached a single texture file to this post; if you just drop it into your data\ephinea\custom\texture folder, it should replace Baranz Launcher's texture with the blue version just fine.


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Am I the only one who thinks Baranz Launcher isn't worth it because of it's slow projectiles and frequent missing? I don't remember it being that bad before.
Am I the only one who thinks Baranz Launcher isn't worth it because of it's slow projectiles and frequent missing? I don't remember it being that bad before.
Ya its slow projectiles and they tend to miss alot in any level of anguish. Maybe when they added anguish they made the AI better idk. Also 4 targets to the regular 5.
Also interestingly the Type SH/Shot does more damage overall from its 5 targets once photon sphered than the ranz’. (Allowing you to spam a zerk, spirit variant freely without burning like 300k a match)
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Am I the only one who thinks Baranz Launcher isn't worth it because of it's slow projectiles and frequent missing? I don't remember it being that bad before.
maybe, but it looks and sounds really damn cool. Big fan of how the missiles look. Also it's relatively easy to acquire.
Bump. Any resource on how to sphere? M/D seems like a go-to if only sphering one, perfect for Seabed, but others recommend AB with D and N with M.

Ok I looked it up myself. Rangers will benefit the most from these Baranz splits for E2 and 4. Enemies not mentioned are generally better off being Hell’d or are immune to % damage like Meris and Gibbles. (An exception for Zus who cannot be frozen and are thus too manually evasive; they should instead be taken down with HS.)

Temple: D/N for Arlans + Belras & Hildelts + Rappies or D/AB for Lilies who can be tricky to Hell and appear more than Hildelts
SS: M/D (Garanz & Sorcerers although they never appear together you can get Gillchics and Delsabers with either spawn)
CCA: N/M (Zol Gibbons & Berrils)
Tower: D (Delbiters, Ill Gills & Del Lilys; Machine can help with Recobox)
Seabed: D/M (Deldepths, Delbiters & Zoas; D/AB if you’re crazy enough to run LDR)

Crater: N/AB (Bootas, Rappies & Astarks)
Des: D/AB (Gorans, Girtas & Merissas)

Dark is the priority.

Desert is no one’s favorite area but its enemies have the most HP in the game. A lot of annoying Merissas alongside Gorans and Girtas. This must be why a lot of “pro” players sphere AB/D.

N/AB would be great in Crater, especially an Astark-heavy quest like Wol1. But it leaves you exposed to Berrills who are tricky to hell and often appear alongside Gibbons, including virtually unhellable Zols. Think of the last room in PW2. So an AB/D and N/M split is usually the least regrettable choice.
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