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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Baranz Launcher MEGATHREAD, a discussion thread for all things Baranz, Garanz, and Baranz Launcher! In this thread we can discuss our favorite enemy from the No Man's Mines of Pioneer 1 on Ragol, and the weapon we can create from his rare drop.

Here are some factoids about "Parts of Baranz", the item used to create "Baranz Launcher":
  • On Episode 1, it drops from Baranz on section IDs Viridia, Greenill, Purplenum, Yellowboze, and Whitill.
  • On Episode 2, it drops from Baranz on section IDs Bluefull, Pinkall, and Whitill.
  • Whitill gets Baranz Launcher from both Episode 1 and Episode 2 Baranz.

Now, I'll start our discussion off with a bang:

Baranz have blue armor plating, yet the weapon "Baranz Launcher", constructed using "Parts of Baranz", has a green paint job. Is this a mistake on Sega's part, or was this intentional all along? Personally, I would prefer the weapon have a blue and orange coating, as opposed to its Garanz-themed green and orange paint job. Thoughts?


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You can get a Blue skin for it somewhere. But personally the green looks better. I think I'd prefer black and orange or white and orange tho tbh. Or... orange and orange.