1. S

    Sinow Blue breaks the 4th Wall

    Or should I say corridor? So I was trying my luck in ult Mines the other day and since my character is pretty underpowered I utilized the usual enter the room, cause some damage and run back to safety technique. Well today a certain Sinow Blue had other ideas. I don't remember specifically if...
  2. Surfer Rosa GC

    Surfer Rosa GC

    Decided to jump on the Dolphin emulator and play some. This pic is in very hard mode. I've got her hard-earned Zonde Merge on and of course a Club of Zumiuran. I'll probably get myself online @ Sylverant with her when she's strong enough. Got my resta merge ready and Striker of Chao too! :P
  3. Nice shot loser

    Nice shot loser

    A Gillchich attempts to 360 noscope me
  4. Lunabot

    Baranz Launcher MEGATHREAD

    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Baranz Launcher MEGATHREAD, a discussion thread for all things Baranz, Garanz, and Baranz Launcher! In this thread we can discuss our favorite enemy from the No Man's Mines of Pioneer 1 on Ragol, and the weapon we can create from his rare drop. Here are some...