1. Firkraag

    T> HU Gear for 45H+ FS/SQ and more

    Note! These items are for trade, not pd's! For reasons I am now looking to potentially transition back to RAmarl, that is assuming I am able to lock in some key items for her through trade. I've managed to gather some pretty good HU gear in 2020 and these would all be up for trade towards the...
  2. Firkraag

    B> Meseta

    375K:1PD 425K:1PC Meseta purchased at this rate: 152 725 000
  3. Spuz

    A> Vjaya 50h [Done]

    Clean Res: 30pds 48h from 1st CHB 24hr from any others CHB:
  4. Tenyo2

    B>Vjaya 40+Hit, LK38 30+Hit

    Need to complete my loadout, please pm me if you have these items!
  5. uben

    A> Vjaya [Charge] [20/15/0/0|55] (Closed @ 210)

    Up for auction is this thicc boi down here: reserve: 125 PD countdown: 48H Resets: 24H Accepting: Photon Drops Photon Hoard Photon Sphere @ 98 Wants: v101 @ 25 v502 @ 25 Red Ring - Min Stat @ 50 PD Excalibur - 15H @ 30 PD ARREST Needle @ 40PD w/o special, 90PD w/ Arrest special
  6. frieza

    A> Vjaya (25/15/0/0/40)

    Reserve: 1 PD Wants: PDs 24 hour countdown+resets Maybe someone out there really wants one?? I'm too poor for a Vjaya....