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Discussion in 'Tools' started by Soly, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Soly

    Soly Member

    I'm currently in the process of updating my apps to .Net Core, for the updated apps you will need the runtime which can be found here

    BP Editor
    Not much to say with this one. Tool to edit battle parameter files.

    Item Maker
    This one is basically the same to the one that has been around, but with the difference
    of using itempmt/unitxt files to build the item lists, this allows you to be always updated with your server files also has a working info tab.
    -Hold Shift while clicking make to place the text in your chat.
    -Hold Ctrl while clicking make to only copy the text to your clipboard.

    ItemPMT Editor - ItemPMT Editor GC
    Doesn't need explanation either, I've been working on this for the past days adding and fixing stuff.
    Add and delete weapons, armors, units, mags, tools, photon colors, specials, stat boosts, combinations, tech boosts, event items (groups and items on those groups), ranged specials also could unseal items but since the pmt doesn't have the kills needed (afaik) is kinda pointless.

    ItemPT Editor - ItemPT Editor GC
    You'll be able to edit in a more user friendly way the ItemPT.gsl file.
    Some "labels" can be wrong, and overall not explain much but I'll get to that at some point.
    Loads original GC files and the new (+Ep4) files too (most if not all servers still use the GC file).
    It will only save as the new file, but it should work on all servers (ask me if it doesn't)

    ItemRT Editor - ItemRT Editor GC
    Handy tool to edit the drops file (ItemRT.gsl).
    With this you will be able to see the rate as a percent and fraction while editing the values.
    To have custom DAR rates you will have to place your own ItemPT.gsl in the program folder (copy it from your server files).
    There is an experimental feature to allow specific techniques to drop as rares, if you don't know how to use it, ask me (it was discussed somewhere in the forum).

    Unitxt (Old Unitxt) - Unitxt GC
    Manage all the different unitxt files as JSON files.
    Although this is not the optimal format to store this kind of data, using JSON helps to load all the text into your applications and also to track changes in source control systems like Git.

    Vanilla files can be downloaded from GitHub, if you find an error please report it or fix it and issue a PR.
    As far as credits go, you can find them in the readme of the repo.

    De-Compress prs files

    De-Encrypt prc, pr2, pr3 files
    Endianness: LE (default) or BE
    If no output file is specified, the resulting file will have a .bin or .prc extension

    BBMod Plugins
    Collection of plugins for @Eidolon 's BBMod.

    PSOBB Input Map
    Lets you set up all keys (except Cancel in the non configurable section).
    To modify keyboard or joystick configuration, you need to first open it in the game menu and then use the program's combo boxes.
    Run the program as administrator to be able to access PSOBB's memory.

    Key Remapper
    Remaps numpad keys (with numlock off) to the keys 1 - 0 (above the main keys?)
    Also F11 to F12 to avoid going into chat mode.
    After 2 minutes of the game not being open, the script will ask you if you want to close it, if you select no, it will restart the 2 minutes timeout.

    Just a teth repo with a few updates:
    - Remove useless programs (unitxt_convert, character_export, etc).
    - Update to VS 2017
    - Remove old text file drops, add ItemRT.gsl

    That's about it, anything else look into the commits.
    If you use this and find any issue, let me know or make an issue in the repo, PRs are welcome.

    If you find a bug, want a feature or pretty much anything related to these tools, feel free to post here/PM me.

    Section ID Icons by Cyane
    Thanks Tofuman for all the help!
    Thanks Sodaboy for all his hard work and for lending me space to host files!

    You are not allowed to host my compiled binaries and/or source code in any forum or website unless I give you explicit permission to do it.
    Link to this thread instead.
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  2. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    I would LOVE a certain feature to be added to the editor : The ability to edit GC drops as well.
  3. Soly

    Soly Member

    I'm going to properly code a few functions that had to hack in at the time, I'll see if I can add it (or rather remove Ep4 according to the file size).
    The GC file and the one we have now, is literally the same except for the extra data for Ep4. I don't like the idea of both but that's just me lol.
  4. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Thanks for considering GC support ;)
    I don't mind waiting if you rather do more pressing stuff. Addresses and pointer math drive me crazy. Even if I had the time, I just couldn't write something like your tool.
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  5. Soly

    Soly Member

    It's not as complicated as that (at least that file can be handled without pointers). Is more work on the UI.
    It wont be as fast as I thought to add GC, but might get it by the night.
  6. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    IIRC the main difference is that the BB PMT has team points data for every weapon, whereas GC does not. I'm not sure if GC has the combo unlock field in the PMT, but I think it does.
  7. Soly

    Soly Member

    But I don't even have a pmt editor (yet)... o_O
  8. Soly

    Soly Member

    Updated the drop editor to keep the monster names (episode and difficulty too) on screen when scrolling horizontally.

    DropEditor now support GC files (hopefully, for MagicLuthee)
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  9. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Thanks a ton Soly, I downloaded it ! ~
    At first glance, it's already quite nice to be able to look up rates as they are on GC. ^_-
    I'll test it / toy around when I have time / I am not too tired.
  10. Soly

    Soly Member

    Forgot to post (to make it obvious)
    Added download for ItemPT editor, excuse me for the lack of program icons but haven't found anything that I like.
    Everything in the first post.
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  11. Karma

    Karma Member

    You rock, Soly!

    Thank you very much - will be giving the ItemPT editor a go soonish, and definitely looking forward to it.
  12. Soly

    Soly Member

    You are welcome. If you find anything weird please let me know. I kinda explained in the first post but note that when saving a GC file it will append Ep4 data (junk pretty much at this point), it should be fine if the server still "remaps" Ep1/2 data for Ep4.

    Also happy new year if it is for you yet (if not, read the reply later :p)
  13. Soly

    Soly Member

    Thought I would update this.
    Recently (as of 1 day ago) I started to mess with pmt stuff.

    So hopefully in a few days I will update all my tools (aren't that many anyway) to use pmt/unitxt files instead of text files.
    This way it will be easier to have custom stuff.
  14. Soly

    Soly Member

    ItemRT Editor (formerly drop editor) now uses itempmt and unitxt files.
    If you don't have default stuff in your server, drop your own files on the folder and it will read them instead of the bundled ones (that are the default files).
  15. Qwixilver

    Qwixilver Member

    Hey Soly I'm having trouble still getting the item maker to correctly type/auto command for me.

    I've tried:
    • turning keyboard controls on/off
    • enabling/disabling keyboard emulation (F11)
    • typing space before pressing the 'make' button in the window
    • disabling 'word wrap' and fiddling with font settings in the setup program
    • going to the chat log screen

    Probably doing something stupid still, but if you could shed some light on how to make this work without having to manually type the codes generated it would help a lot :D

    Also, I'm sure this goes without saying for most players, but I am using an xbox 360 controller rather than the keyboard as my primary method of controlling the game
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  16. Azen

    Azen Member

    Did you run the item maker.exe as admin?
  17. Soly

    Soly Member

    As Azen suggested... try that.

    Also worth to note the download from the "Item Maker" text which will be the final after I finish it.. doesn't even emulate typing, it puts the string directly in your chat.
    -If you hold control while "making" it will only generate the text, at some point will copy to your clipboard
    -If you hold shift while "making" it will auto send the chat.

    I'll add a check to see if it's running as admin and ask you if its not.
  18. Qwixilver

    Qwixilver Member

    So, admin mode was the solution! Don't know why that wasn't on my list of things to try, but thank you guys for the help ^_^
  19. Soly

    Soly Member

    No problem... I didn't want but will set the program to request admin rights automatically.
  20. Soly

    Soly Member

    Update on the item maker.
    "Auto send" method preferred now.
    Hold shift to put the text in your char instead.
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2016

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